New Camp Training is here

With an eye toward the changing needs of our girls and volunteers, camp training has gone through some exciting transformations.

The requirements:

·        Troop Camp Basics: If you have never completed previous Girl Scout camp training, it is required to have an adult in the troop complete Troop Camp Basics in order for your girls to go camping.  Additionally, although it is not required, it is recommended that this course be taken before day hiking. Troop Camp Basics covers the essential subject matter needed to have a fun, safe and enriching camping experience with the girls.  Fire building, safety issues and other necessary outdoor skills will be the focus.

Possible trainings to be offered in the future are archery, canoeing and advanced cooking.

Camp Training Dates

Troop camp training dates will be available soon. Please check back.

Frequently Asked Questions

The list will be updated as questions arise. If you have specific questions about camp training opportunities, please email Becky Cavender at

Question: Last year, you offered a Girl Scout Camp Use Training at each camp. Are you still offering that?

Answer: No. We have discontinued Girl Scout Camp Use Training as part of the requirements to camp at a GSCSA property.  A camp use policy book will be created for each camp, so you may become familiar with each property’s rules, regulations, facilities, equipment and more.

Question: I have already taken the training that my legacy council offered and camped there several times. Do I have to take this training again?

Answer: We are developing a process to update all volunteers who have completed previous versions of camp training with the most current information on basics and on each camp’s use – without asking those volunteers to attend training.

Question: Is there a cost for either of these new trainings?

Answer: There may be a small fee associated with the training.

Question: Do I have to register to attend these trainings or can I just show up?

Answer: As with all council events and trainings, you must register. Without register the facilitators cannot plan for the number of attendees. You may use our online registration system.

Question: I can’t find a babysitter. Can my child come with me?

We understand it is hard to find childcare. We will allow children at trainings as long as they are quiet, keep themselves entertained, and do not distract others. There may be a fee associated with bringing children to trainings.

Question: I already have years of outdoor experience. Do I still have to take the training?

Answer: Not necessarily. If you have outdoor camping experience, you may be eligible to take the test-out exam. For more information about the exam, contact Becky Cavender at

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