Girl Scout Troop/Service Unit Sales Tax Exemption

Troops and service units are legally defined as “subordinate units” of the council.  This designation does pass through the sales tax exemptions afforded to the council by the states in which we operate—and we wanted to take the opportunity to just review that landscape to make certain everyone is taking advantage as possible. 

In Tennessee: Troops and service units must apply for their own Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. Go to our forms page for links to the Application for Sales Tax Exemption Form and the GSCSA Charter.

In Virginia: Troops and service units do not hold their own exemption certificate and may not apply for individual sales tax exemption.  However, they may request a copy of the Virginia Sales Tax Exemption Certificate that is held at the Council’s Johnson City Service Center.  

In Georgia: Non-profit organizations are not extended exemption from paying sales tax on purchases. As a note, sales of Girl Scout Cookies do continue to be exempt sales activities in Georgia as they are in Tennessee and Virginia. 

Because all of our troops/service units are important to our council, we want to ensure consistent treatment regardless of the individual state tax environment. Therefore, as of July 1, 2011, we will no longer charge sales tax to any troop/service unit registered with our council. This applies to all sales, whether online, through our council Web site, or in our retail stores. This does not impact any shipping charges that may apply to on-line sales. 

Thank you for your vital role in taking the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to the girls in your community.  Please do not hesitate to contact any Girl Scout service center with questions.  

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