Volunteer Appreciation Task Force Named

The new Volunteer Appreciation Task Force has been named to recognize our hard-working, dedicated volunteers throughout the year.

The members are:

Kim Almany
Angie Beach
Rosie Brader
Pat Dixon-Scruggs
Sue Doyle
Janice Greer
Mary Hess
Jane New
Kendra Walker Patty
Maria Price
Donna Richardson
Pat Roush
Debi Selfon
Cecilia Treece
Heather Watts
Kathleen Wilkerson

This task force is always accessible to volunteers and is tasked to work on the following:

  • Come up with creative ways for the council to appreciate volunteers in all roles.
  • Enhance the adult recognitions/awards ceremony and create a plan to include community participation in these recognitions.
  • Get input from fellow volunteers about what adult appreciation events are desired and needed (including retreats, events, or tokens of appreciation).
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