Volunteer Retreat Update

The Volunteer Appreciation Task Force met to discuss the planning and hosting of a volunteer retreat.

Together, they made the recommendation that they would like to host a more structured, fun, helpful training weekend for new and returning
volunteers alike.

The task force is concerned that they would be unable to effectively plan a weekend that would use resources wisely within the time constraints if this event were to be held in the fall of 2011. The recommendation was made to postpone the volunteer retreat as it has been in the past and begin now planning an organized, fun training weekend for the fall of 2012 – also coinciding with our 100th anniversary celebrations!

If you have any questions or suggestions about the volunteer
recognitions, volunteer retreat or the Volunteer Appreciation Task Force, please feel free to email or call Jennifer Nelson
(jnelson@girlscoutcsa.org) or Paula Irwin (pirwin@girlcoutcsa.org).

See the members of the Volunteer Appreciation Task Force.


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