Registering to Stay at Council Camps

Beginning September 1, you’ll see some changes when your troop is ready to register for a weekend at our beautiful council camps.

First, you’ll see a new registration form for each camp. On the front of each form will be an identical request for your basic registration
information. On the back, you’ll find information that is specific to or required for each camp property.

You’ll also find a change in deposit amounts and payments. Deposit fees varied for all our camp properties so there is now a basic $100
deposit for all. This deposit amount is absolutely refundable at the end of your stay provided you have left any borrowed camp equipment and your housing unit clean and undamaged. We will either return or shred your check as you request. Payments for your camping unit need to be made in full and turned in with your completed reservation form and deposit.

Troop camping reservations are on a first come-first served basis and Girl Scout troops can reserve a weekend up to one year in advance.

Service unit representatives who are interested in booking a service unit encampment at one of the camps should call 1-800-474-1812 for
assistance with their reservation.

The new troop camp reservation forms will be available in your new activity guide and on our Web site beginning September 1, 2011. And
remember that at least one person in your group must have Troop Camp Basics training before you come so please check the events calendar or the activity guide for fall training dates.





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