Summer Program and Property Updates: Council Camps

Fast Facts

C5YF has completed another successful summer camp series at Camp Adahi. The camp will re-open for troop use on September 9 and will close for the winter after November 11. Reservations for camping space are being taken now.

Camp Tanasi just wrapped up a successful four-week summer resident camp, serving 416 girls from across our council. The camp is currently  open for troop camp use with both pool and waterfront in use pending reservation. The Water World Camporee event August 27 is
currently full with a waiting list.

Camp Wildwood has been busy with day camps  and campers this summer will close for overnight use on November 13, 2011.
Camp Windy Knob takes reservations all year, weather pending.
Camp Sky-Wa-Mo has reopened to limited troop camping after resting much of the late 2010-11 season. It will be open for fall camping through November 13, 2011, when it will close for winter. Ferndale, Lakeview, and Sunny’s Grove are open year-round, facility condition and weather pending.

Troop camping reservation is now open for all facilities for the next 12 months. Troop leaders can inquire about available camps and camping dates by calling 1-800-474-1912.

Report on the Camp Sky Wa Mo
June Member Discussions

In concert with re-opening Camp Sky-Wa-Mo for troop camping use, we held two visioning meetings with our cross-council Volunteer Advisory Committee and with members in the local community in late June. Both groups were given a short report on the property condition and news that a reopening date was set for July 8. In addition, they were given program use information for the property over the last five years and the budget to operate the facility for reference. In turn, they were then asked to brainstorm the following:

  • Ideas for best program uses for the property
  • Why girls need outdoor experiences
  • How members could better support the facility with participation
  • Ideas for funding operation that were not dependent on council dollars

These ideas will be included in discussion with the long range property and program volunteer team throughout the evaluation period this year. During this meeting, they were also briefed on the outdoor program and property assistance coming from a GSUSA property consultant beginning in late July.

Some Camp Safety Issues Being Addressed

As part of the a recent tour of all Council properties by a GSUSA consultant, several areas presenting immediate safety concerns were
identified. The properties affected and suggested changes are:

Camp Sky Wa Mo

  • Tent railings and platforms will be inspected for robustness and repair; until then the Orchid Hill platforms will be temporarily closed for use.
  • The low ropes course will be temporarily closed until the area can be cleared of stumps and completed in accordance with all safety standards.
  • The two wick lighting challenge apparatuses near the amphitheater, suffering from lack of use and presenting a fire hazard, have been removed.
  • Because of environment and water quality issues, the pond will be drained and the fish humanely relocated to a more suitable habitat. Relocation options are being researched currently and we will look for ways girls can help with this important job.

Camp Windy Knob:The current coat rack will be removed and replaced with a safer option.

Camp Wildwood: We scheduled a meeting with the local forestry division to assess the health of several trees in the camping area to determine whether removal is needed.









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