Property Task Group Update

The council’s Property Task Group is moving forward with the long range property planning process to support the council’s strategic key priorities, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, and Girl Scout brand within the council’s ability to fund and maintain. The Property Task Group is meeting under the guidance of the GSUSA Property Consulting Group and includes a Senior Girl Scout, Cadette Girl Scout, board members, council staff, current and former troop and/or SU leaders, and interested community volunteers.

The group last met on August 16, and highlights of the meeting are outlined below.

The task group discussed recommendations for program and facility performance standards which will be applied during the assessment process:

  • operate sites and facilities that are safe, free of construction defects and will meet or exceed government, industry or organization regulations, standards and criteria for outdoor program sites and facilities
  • manage program to reduce deferred capital maintenance items and fund annual preventative maintenance to protect asset values
  • operate outdoor program facilities at or above ___% capacity and be used by ___% or more of the membership (review and finalize at a later date)
  • operate sites and facilities that are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • operate a site or facility within ___ hour drive time for ___% of membership (review and finalize at a later date)
  • operate sites that are within the council’s ability to fund

Note: The above criteria and recommendations will remain flexible pending further conversations and feedback from the property assessments, and are subject to approval by the Board of Directors of GSCSA.

Next Steps:
The council’s Property Team hopes to complete assessments is of all facilities and sites used by girls and members within six weeks.
A survey about perceptions and opinions of program and program sites will be developed for a projected distribution date of November 1.
Existing program data will be analyzed for occupancy and program amenity use.
The full task group has tentatively scheduled its next meeting for October 2011.


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