Girl Scouts Energize, Enlighten, and EmPOWER!

Please enjoy the videos below from the successful program partnership between the Emory Valley Service unit and Oak Ridge Associated University. We connected the ORAU representative with local service unit manager, Ginger Klein, and together they designed a program for the Emory Valley Service unit encampment at Camp Tanasi called “Energize, Enlighten and EmPOWER Weekend.”

See Geiger Counter video.



See video of girls measuring wind power.



See solar NASCAR video.

Read about it in Ginger’s own words…

Our service unit (a mix of troops in Powell, Halls and Gibbs/Corryton) decided to host a weekend encampment. We like to have a “theme” based camp to help with planning and to help troop leaders be able to work in the “theme” in meetings before and after camp. We did not have a “theme” until we met with ORAU in June. At that meeting, we discussed ideas that met with our Journey program requirements, as well as, activities that would interest all our girls. The girls coming to camp range in grade from Kindergarten to 11th grade so you can see that is a huge range… And as a troop leader, I have found that my girls would much rather do hands-on science experiments versus more “traditional” crafty type activities. Yes… today’s girls are very much into science and math! And it gives them a little more visual idea of things they are learning in school.

My hidden agenda… I want some of these girls to enjoy this camp so much that we inspire one of them to become a scientist!

This camp is a one-time experience for me to manage but I hope to pass the lessons learned on other troop leaders. We are very lucky to have ORAU/AMSE working with us. They bring value and knowledge that we can’t bring to the table.

Our service unit will hold another encampment in April with a different journey… and it will involve a mystery! As you can see, our volunteers put a lot in to planning for these girls. It is time consuming, chaotic but always worth it!  And we’re spending the night in a cavern in Karns while studying about Native Americans in January.







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