New Council in Review from the CEO

As I tell the GSCSA story in our community, I often describe the process we have been through as follows:

Year 1: Discover (aka the WHAT and the WHO). We spent a year in the process of determining our Vision for GSCSA’s potential in the region. We also identified our areas of Strategic Priority/Focus (where to start), and how we would aspire to use Culture and Customer Service to set ourselves apart and to accelerate our progress toward this Vision. Throughout this first year, we also invested significant time building relationships across the council; discovering a lot about ourselves and each other–our skills, passions, talents, and collective commitment to girls.

Year 2: Connect (aka the HOW). In many respects, the “HOW” is the hardest part; particularly in an environment where Girl Scout councils across the USA are changing rapidly and we are innovating beyond any existing models. The first task was to determine how we would connect our staff resources to our Vision. And, as our Alignment Triangle shows, our success in serving our customers is wholly dependent upon our Volunteer Delivery System. As a result, GSCSA’s blueprint for connecting each of you to our Vision was informed significantly by the feedback received from our volunteers as we visited 56 of 59 Service Units and asked them how we could support their success. We also identified our definition of success: GSCSA will serve more girls where they are in the ways they need and want with leadership programs that deliver measurable results. If we don’t know what success looks like, it is impossible to know whether we have been successful.

Year 3: Take Action (aka EXECUTE, EXECUTE, EXECUTE). This new fiscal year is all about taking our plans off of paper and putting them into action.  As we move forward, we will problem solve and make adjustment along the way. And just as our girls learn from both their successes and their failues, we will continue to learn, to stretch, to challenge ourselves, to reach greater heights.

And before we focus forward, I want to take a moment to pause and acknowledge the signficance of what we have accomplished in the last year.


  • Leadership Team Attended 56/59 Service Units to Share Vision and Ask for Feedback in the First Quarter of 2011; Feedback Informed Development of Staffing Model and Work Plans
  • First Year Customer Experience Plan Developed and Implemented
  • Customer Service Call Center Model Created; Implementation Begins September 2011
  • Rolling 1-800 number established for Customer Service
  • Connect Email established to provide Customer Service and Direct Conduit for Volunteers to Voice Questions and Concerns to Leadership Team
  • Community Development Manager Model Developed and Implemented
  • Adventure Planner Re-Developed; Fall Edition Printed
  • 100th Anniversary Planning Committee Launched; Partnership with Ackermann PR Established
  • Branding and Messaging Materials Developed in Partnership with Ackermann PR
  • New Website Launched
  • First Joint Constituency Meeting Held via VCS
  • Tracking of Baseline Metrics Established (K-3 Membership and Market Penetration; Retention Rates; Community Demographics)
  • National Delegates Selected; Meetings Have Commenced


  • First Year Audit Completed with No Management Findings
  • Investment RFP Developed and Issued
  • Staffing Matrix (Executive Leadership Team, Leadership Team, Service Delivery, Advancement, Retail) to Support Strategic Direction Developed; All New Positions Posted Internally First
  • Assignment of Current Staff in Best Fit Roles
  • New Staff Hired or Internal Promotions as Needed (HR, IT, Customer Service, Troop Coordinators, Community Development Managers, CES, Director of Community Development, Director of Customer Service, Retail Coordinator, Property Manager)
  • HR Policy Manual Updated and Approved
  • Interim Reviews Held for All Staff
  • Formal Performance Review Forms/Processes Developed (to be implemented Winter 2012)
  • All Staff Brought Within Pay Ranges After Salary Study and Given One Time Adjustments to Reflect Time Since Full Merit Reviews Pre-Merger
  • Staff Wellness Team Established
  • Drug Free Workplace Established
  • Job Descriptions Created for All New Positions as Hiring/Placement Occurs
  • Videoconference System Selected and Installed
  • Single, Connected Phone System Installed for All Offices
  • First Phase of Personify (Council Enterprise System) Launched; Personify Launches Require Review and Customization of All Related Business Processes
  • Second Phase of Personify (Volunteer Management System) Launched
  • Plan Initiated for Retail Operation That Provides GS Merchandise to Customers Efficiently and Cost-Effectively
  • Public Meeting Held Regarding Use of Camp Sky Wa Mo
  • Property Task Group for Long Range Property Plan Established and Launched

Service Delivery

  • New Troop Leader Training and Certification Process Developed; Facilitators Trained in Delivery
  • Volunteer Advisory Committee Established and Active
  • Service Unit Summit Plan Conceived and Implemented (ongoing)
  • Pilot Counties for Underserved Populations Identified
  • Strategies Developed to Integrate GSLE into Cookie Program
  • Cookie Program 9% Increase Over Last Year
  • GSLE Outcomes Implemented and Measured for All Council Sponsored Programs (includes Resident Camp)
  • Volunteer Management Policies and Procedures Updated and Approved
  • Volunteer Training Strategy Re-Developed to Make Training More Accessible and Local to Service Units
  • Adult Recognitions Task Force Established and Working; Determination and Communication Regarding Transition of Adult Awards
  • Gold Award Committees (3) Collaborating to Bring Consistency to Gold Award Process and Recognitions
  • GSCSA Scholarships Established and Awarded


As I speak to organizations and leaders around the region, they are truly impressed with what you have accomplished during these first two years. Even more so, they are excited, as am I, about our incredible future–the future we are building for ourselves, for each other, for our volunteers, for our girls, for our communities and for the world. Go Team!

Booth Andrews Kammann



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