First Tennessee Bank Checking Account Update

First Tennessee Bank will be sending letters to all troops holding accounts with First Tennessee Bank. New regulations require First Tennessee to change the way troops set up their accounts. The type of account will simply be changed to a Business Essentials checking account. The changes will not affect any troops who currently have accounts – your checking accounts should not be charged any fees, and you will be able to use your debit cards as you have been doing.

Any new troops that wish to bank with First Tennessee must open a Business Essentials checking account. Please take the Troop Bank Authorization Form to your local branch. The local branch will not issue a debit card to the troop. Please return the Troop Bank Authorization Form to the council IMMEDIATELY (complete with contact and account information). Your account will not be activated correctly if this form is not received.

If you wish to receive a debit card, please indicate on the form by checking the box marked “First Tennessee Customers” on the form. Once this form is returned to the council, council staff will contact the bank to order the debit cards for you, and the cards will be mailed to you.

Please contact Leanne Berry, troop banking specialist, if you have any questions regarding your bank account or troop banking at 800-474-1912. Her extension is 412.

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