PR Stars: Troops Recommend Special Programming at the Knoxville Zoo

Submitted by Nancy Reddy
Secretary, Troop 20961

On November 19, 2011, Jason Moeller, education specialist at the Knoxville Zoo, enlisted the help of the zoo’s greenhouse director and the veterinary assistant in the zoo’s infirmary to present a 4 hour program specially designed for Cadette Girl Scout Troops 20961 and 20577 to earn the Oregon Zoo Interest Project Patch (a council’s own IPP from Oregon) and the World in our Hands Patch from our local Girl Scout council.

In addition to tours of the greenhouse and infirmary, Cadettes and adults learned about many zoo animals, including the impact man has on their environment and survival. Scouts also had encounters with four of the zoo’s teaching animals.  Girl Scouts “gave back” to the zoo by completing a service project creating enrichment toys for the zoo’s birds.

Troop 20961 was represented by 16 girls, two leaders and two adult volunteers.  Troop 20577 had four girls and two leaders present.

We would highly recommend for other troops to explore developing their individualized programs with the Knoxville Zoo, as well as participation in the programs the zoo has for Girl Scouts.

Girls and leaders attending the special zoo event

Girl Scouts prepare to enter the zoo's greenhouse

Girl Scouts play the species survival game

Girl Scouts see where sick animals are treated

Girl Scouts in the animal infirmary

Girl Scouts make special toys for birds

Completed bird toy - featuring Erin Victorson

An expert brings out the a boa constrictor

The boa constrictor gets close!


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