Every Cookie Has a Mission: to Help Girls Do Great Things

People say, it’s just a cookie. What can a cookie do? A Girl Scout Cookie can do a lot.

When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, girls decide where the money goes. They have big hearts and big imaginations.

A box of cookies can help send a girl to camp, help pay for clothes for an abuse victim rushed to a shelter, or cheer up a soldier far from home.

Girl Scout Cookies bring out confidence in a girl. It’s not easy to ask a stranger to buy something. You have to speak up, look them in the eye, believe in what you are doing – believe in yourself.

No university has produced as many female business owners as has the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Everybody likes cookies. A lot of cookies taste good. These cookies do good.

Call the Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians to find a Girl Scout selling cookies near you.

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