The Year of the Girl: Get The Big Picture

Girl Scouts of the USA has declared 2012 the “Year of the Girl.”and we will celebrate until spring of 2013. The special year will culminate with a State of the Girl Summit. During this time, Girl Scout councils will mix observations of our 100th anniversary with efforts to create a sense of urgency around girls’ issues.

GSUSA believes the greatest challenge a girl faces today is the barrier to leadership. We are stating the issue in two parts:

  • A serious under representation of women in senior leadership positions of every kind.
  • A whole series of obstacles standing between girls and their attaining (or even aspiring to) these positions.

Our goal is to – in  a single generation of 20 to 25 years – attain balanced leadership in the United States in business, science and technology, law, politics, academia, and every other major field of endeavor.

We believe this is both important and achievable. It fits squarely within the tradition and mission of Girl Scouts. We are the right organization and now is the right time to issue this call to action

The call to action is: ToGetHerThere. We’re reaching out to a whole host of supporters and partners with the message: Join us. Together we can get her there. The ToGetHerThere campaign will be launched on January 31 in New York and February 1 in Washington, D.C.

A related plan is to raise an unprecedented amount of money for Girl Scouts – for girls and girls’issues: $1 billion over five years.

Girl Scouts is committedto empowering our daughters, sisters, nieces, and students to reach their full potential as future leaders in society.

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