A Message from Anna Maria Chávez

Dear Girl Scout Member,

The future of Girl Scouting has arrived. GSUSA National President Connie L. Lindsey and I had the privilege of officially declaring 2012 the Year of the Girl and launching our monumental cause campaign, known as ToGetHerThere, over the past two days. During those two historic and inspiring days, Connie and I experienced firsthand the enormous reservoir of goodwill and respect that exists for Girl Scouting, from Katie Couric’s moving interview of a Girl Scout troop in Philadelphia to Republican and Democratic congressional leaders coming together in support of Girl Scouting and ToGetHerThere.

What a remarkable and special thing Juliette Gordon Low founded nearly 100 years ago. I believe she would be very proud of all that we have accomplished, and of the boldness and ambition of ToGetHerThere. During my inaugural address at the National Council Session, I said that we were bigger and stronger than we sometimes thought we were. I meant it. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we showed what a force we are in this nation. Only Girl Scouts, with its size and history, could have commanded the kind of national media attention we received, which ranged from the New York Times and The Associated Press to the Washington Post and MSNBC. Only Girl Scouts has the legacy and credibility to call on the nation to focus on girls and their development as leaders that our country will need.

It was exhilarating, but it’s time to get to work. We must capitalize on the momentum. First, we as Girl Scout members must take the lead. If you haven’t visited www.ToGetHerThere.org and signed the pledge, do it now. Take that first symbolic step. We are more than three million strong, so let’s get everyone, beginning with those of us within the Girl Scout Movement, to take the pledge to get her there. Can we get to 10,000 pledges, or 100,000—or, perhaps 1 million? I am challenging each and every one of us in Girl Scouting to help us reach that milestone. What a testament it would be to the power of our cause campaign if we could have a million people sign the pledge. And once you sign the pledge, spread the word. Tell everyone you know about ToGetHerThere. The Web site explains the cause elegantly and well, and it’s a great place for people to start exploring how they might participate in a girl’s life, including by serving as a Girl Scout volunteer.

There is urgency to our cause because girls, whether they are Girl Scouts or not, need us now. Their future won’t wait, and neither will ours. I hope you sense the pride and energy that I feel for our Movement having experienced these two extraordinary days. Let’s set out on a new century of service determined to see that we break down those barriers that impede far too many girls from realizing their leadership potential. Let’s make it happen—because we know that when a girl succeeds, so does the nation. Together, we will get her there.


Anna Maria Chávez
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of the USA

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