Song List for the Knoxville Sing-Along on April 28

The song list for the 100th Anniversary Knoxville Sing-Along is now confirmed! Star performer Melinda Caroll will perform the following songs during the Sing-Along. Be sure to listen to the music and learn the words so you can be ready to SING ALONG with Melinda on April 28!

Click on the title of the song to see the lyrics, and “Listen” next to each song to hear the songs with the words.

  1. IGNITE (Listen)
  2. Together We Can Change the World (Listen)
  3. Thunderation (Listen)
  4. Show Us How You Get Down (Listen)
  5. G’ for Generosity (Listen)
  6. Juliette (Listen)
  7. Make New Friends (Listen)
  8. Make A New Friend (Listen)
  9. Hey, Hey Bo Didley Bop (Listen)
  10. Boom Chicka Boom (Listen)
  11. On My Honor (Listen)
  12. In a Circle, Light a Candle (Listen)
  13. We Change the World (Listen)
  14. Girl Scout Rap (Listen)
  15. I Am One Voice (Listen)
  16. It’s a Little Bit of Heaven (Listen)

Girl Scout Songstress Melinda Caroll

In keeping with Girl Scouts of the USA’s 100th Anniversary theme of “Forever Green,” there are no plans to produce song books for this Sing-Along at this time.

“IGNITE” is the official song of the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary. Click here to watch the YouTube Streaming Lyrics Video for the official 100th Anniversary song, INGITE. Click here to watch the IGNITE Dance Flash Mob Instructional Video.

You can also purchase the IGNITE Mp3 for $0.99 and download it directly from or from iTunes:  You may also purchase and download the Streaming Lyric Mp4 or Wmv or Qt Mov video formats to play on your computer or smart phone directly at


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