Girl Scout Adventure at Panther Creek State Park

Submitted by Cheryl-Ann Paul, troop leader

On Friday, July 27, 2012, our troop went to Panther Creek State Park and followed a program set up for Girl Scouts there. (It was advertised in the email news letter from the council.)

What a great day we had! The staff are wonderful. Having our own ranger at all times, we all walked in Panther Stream and learned a lot of very useful information about aquatic life. It was so welcoming during this hot summer to be walking in a cool, shady stream.

After a snack, we all congregated at the edge of the Cherokee Reservoir and went canoeing. Once again, the ranger was so very watchful and attentive and gave my girls so much useful information. Then, he paddled them out and had a ‘jolly good ole’ time.

While Wilfred is not always available, he made an unusual appearance for my girls. What excitement this generated! Wilfred is a corn snake and he certainly did put a highlight to a most fantastic day. Troop 20959 takes their caps off to ‘Ranger Jason’ whom was kind, understanding, and patient at all times with my girls. He is a “Ranger Extraordinaire.”

Council Note: To schedule your Panther Creek Adventure, phone the park at (423) 587-7046 and ask for Ranger Jason Chadwell.


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