Girl Scouts Assist Library for Bronze Award Project

Juniors in New Visions Troop 20550 are working on their Bronze Award, partly by helping the Mascot Library’s children’s reading program. The Bronze Award is the highest national honor a Girl Scout Junior may earn.

For their project, the girls provided weekly recycled craft projects all summer and will continue to provide projects for three more months. The troop’s Brownies are also assisting with the craft project to gain community service hours.

Crafts the Bronze Award candidates used are listed below.

Juice Box Boat


- juice boxes
- skewers
- colored tape
- thin cardboard (like Tyvek envelop)

Cut sails four inches high by three inches wide from Tyvek envelop. An adult helper must push a skewer all the way through the empty box. Place the sail on top of the skewer and decorate it with colored tape.
Note: If your box does not sail properly, cut a small slit on top of the box and add pennies for weight.

Egg Carton Caterpillars


- paper egg cartons (not shiny ones)
- googly eyes
- marker
- acrylic paint
- pipe cleaners
- fuzzy balls
- paint brushes
- tack glue

Cut the egg cartons in three and six sections and punch holes for the antennas. Children paint their caterpillar’s body (egg carton section). Next, children decorate the caterpillar with pipe cleaners for antennas, googly eyes, and fuzzy balls. Finally, they draw a mouth on their critter to finish the project.

Craft Stick Flag


- craft sticks
- red and white acrylic paint
- brushes
- blue construction paper cut to fit flags
- tack glue

Give each child 12 craft sticks. Glue nine sticks together (using another stick for the backing). Glue two sticks together for the flag pole. It will take about 30 minutes for the glue to dry. Paint the first stick in the flag red, alternating with white. Wait a few minutes and glue a square of blue construction paper onto the flag. Make 50 stars (or dots) on the flag.

Explain that the craft flag does not have the correct amount of strips and that it is OK to not make the correct amount of stars if that can’t make 50 stars.


Juice Container Bird House


- 59 ounce juice containers
- wooden dowel
- bird seed
- flat spray paint
- stickers
- yarn
- acrylic paint

In advance of working with children, spray the containers with flat white spray paint, cut a hole for the bird seed, punch the hole for the wooden dowel for the bird to sit on, and punch a hole in the top of the container to string with a yarn hanger.

Let children use paint and stickers to decorate their bird houses. Give each child a bag of birdseed to take home.


Tin Can Flower Pots


- tin cans
- flat white paint
- stickers
- acrylic paint
- seeds
- potting soil

Before working with children, drill drainage holes in the cans and spray the cans with flat white paint.

Allow children to decorate their cans with paint or stickers. Give them a bag of potting soil and let them pick out a package of seeds to take home.

Special thanks to Penny Burkhart for submitting the information, craft ideas, and photos.

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