Council announces exciting new troop option to make volunteering easier

We’re sharing exciting news for troops and volunteers. Be sure to watch this video to learn the whole story from our staff.

Leading a troop may be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. In fact, some would-be volunteers are too intimidated to even step forward to lead.

But that’s all about to change.

Several of our troops have had success with a “troop team” model that spreads the responsibility for leading a troop among a core team of volunteers. In this new model, no single person must carry a huge burden for the troop. Instead, many volunteers play unique roles to make the troop a success. In most cases, the troop is large or multi-grade-levels, with girls taking leadership roles.

The best part? Girls, parents, and volunteers in troop teams are happy. Things seem to naturally click into place!

What does a troop team look like?

Because volunteers in troop teams have smaller, well defined roles, training is easier. Each volunteer has her or his own set of training and resources that are easy to access. Most training will be online.  No one is overwhelmed, because everyone is working for the girls.

What’s next?

The council isn’t changing every existing troop to a team troop, but we do want to give you the opportunity to try the new concept. A council representative will contact you and give you the option to switch, but there is no pressure from us.

Moving forward, the council will use troop teams when we recruit new troops. We are currently updating training that will support the team. If you want to support this work, let us know.

We are so thankful for our creative volunteers who try new things and share their ideas.

Learn more!

You may download the team position agreement.

You may also watch a video of a successful troop team from the United Way of Greater Chattanooga.


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