Geocashing troop finds fun

Submitted by Lee Merrell

Troop 40449 of Benton, Tennessee, spent a beautiful spring day exploring their area while geocaching.  They found 11 actual caches and two virtual ones, learning more about their “neighborhood” and about what makes this area special. Some girls had never been to some of the places we visited, even though they live only a few miles away.

Some of the caches were full of goodies– others full of water. Our girls cleaned and dried the wet caches, leaving them “better than they found them” in true Girl Scout spirit.

While they enjoyed seeing what others had left, and occasionally trading an item, one of the girls said she liked the little items (too small to hold trade items) best, because “the best part is hunting for them.”

Every cache large enough to hold it got a mini first aid kit the girls had prepared.

The girls recommend geocaching to anyone who hasn’t tried it.  There are caches literally everywhere, and it’s a great way to “discover” your own neighborhood.  WARNING: geocaching is addictive, and may be good for your health!

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