Girls deliver more than cookies to hospitals

Submitted by Constance Washington

As part of their Bronze Award project, Alaina Washington, Autumn Reynolds, and Sanaa Hicks of Troop 40182 prepared sandwiches and other food for the families in the Intensive Care Unit waiting rooms at the Erlanger Hospital and the Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.

When the girls arrived at each hospital’s ICU waiting room, they talked with the families about their project, sang grace, and invited the people to enjoy the meal that was prepared for them. Of course the food included fruit slices from the Fall product sale and Girl Scout cookies.

Although some of the people thanked the girls for their efforts, one person in particular sent an open thank you note to the girls through the on-line newspaper “The” expressing his gratitude for what they did that Saturday. It reinforced what the girls learned that day about the impact of helping others.

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