2013 Silver Award Girl Scouts

Girls in grades 6-8 are eligible to earn Girl Scouts’ second highest honor: the Silver Award. This award acknowledges achievements in leadership through sustainable community-based projects. Girls must invest at least 50 hours to earn Silver.

Congratulations to the 2013 Silver Award Recipients:

Shanda Albright, Rockwood, TN

Ryleigh Clukey, Chilhowie, VA

Olivia LaFollette, Maryville

Rebecca Richter, Knoxville

Brianna Alred, Rockwood, TN

Shelby Daniels, Rockwood, TN

Johannah Landenberger, Pikeville, TN

Madison Riggs, Sevierville

Hannah Archer, Signal Mountain TN

Bryce Dawson, Spring City, TN

Jenna Laughlin, Maryville

Gabrielle Saidak, Knoxville

Emily Arthur, Rockwood, TN

Lea Dougherty, Kingsport

Rachel Lilly, Johnson City

Emily Schram, Chilhowie, VA

Mckenzie Ayers, Knoxville, TN

Julia Duckworth, Sevierville

Crystal Marler, Evensville, TN

Haylie Shannon, Pikeville, TN

Morgan Beeching, Signal Mountain, TN

Mckayla Floyd, Sevierville

Ella Martin, Signal Mountain, TN

Melody Simmons, Oak Ridge

Aileen Bell, Signal Mountain, TN

Brittany Foust, Knoxville

Emily Mayfield, Knoxville

Caroline Sims, Maryville

Kristen Bennett, Johnson City

Sydney Gabrielson, Knoxville

Hanna Mcclain, Knoxville

Erin Smith, Maryville

Kiana Bernard, Spring City, TN

Bethany Garland, Johnson City

Savannah McDonald, Lenoir City, TN

Haley Smith, Powell, TN

Emily Bihl, Maryville

Jessica Gaus, Oak Ridge

Megan Mcneil, Knoxville

Elizabeth Sonner, Maryville

Karlee Blaylock, Pikeville, TN

Hannah Gorga, Maryville

Leah Milam, Maryville

Sarah Swafford, Rockwood, TN

Megan Bolton, Johnson City

Cian Greer, Knoxville

Hannah Morgan, Maryville

Emily Swearington, Sevierville

Catherine Bowman, Pikeville, TN

Allison Hardeman, Ringgold, GA

Alison Morris, Maryville

Hannah Tittle, Jonesborough, TN

Taylor Boyer, Knoxville

Bonnie Haynes, Pikeville, TN

Emily Nuttall, Knoxville

Kestrel Troutman, Sevierville

Makenna Brock, Pikeville, TN

Elinor Heenie, Maryville

Hannah Payne, Rockwood, TN

Donna Walker, Chilhowie, VA

Niamh Cahill, Hixon, TN

Megan Hill, Chattanooga

Jacara Pendergrass, Chattanooga

Courtney Wells, Maryville

Madison Cameron, Knoxville

Dakota Howley, Maryville

Nancy Pont Briant, Oak Ridge

Mason Williams, Johnson City

Lauren Campbell, Abingdon

Michaela Howser, Pikeville, TN

Stella Powell, Oak Ridge

Natalie Wood, Oak Ridge

Allison Campbell, Knoxville

Melea Howser, Pikeville, TN

Abigail Prosise, Knoxville

Danielle Wooten, Oak Ridge

Brenna Cannon, Chilhowie, VA

Hannah Hudson, Knoxville

Juliana Pulsinelli

Madison Cannon, Chilhowie, VA

Joy Human, Knoxville

Vidalia Ratliff, Kingsport

Brooklyn Cannon, Chilhowie, VA

Hallie Jemley, Maryville

MaryAnn Reddy, Knoxville

Jessica Cline, Knoxville

Jessica Keener, Pikeville, TN

Kaylie Richard, Kingsport

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