“Our girls in this country are our next generation of leaders.  Girl Scouting promotes community service — giving back.  It’s just a wonderful mission.”

- Susan Stamberg, special correspondent for National Public Radio


“Girl Scouts helps dreams come true.  Girl Scouts gives kids confidence growing up and helps them be willing to put themselves out there and dream big.”

- Dolly Parton, country music icon


“I commend Girl Scouts for their hard work.  Because of their efforts, many more children will experience the thrill of receiving brand-new books that will develop and deepen their love of reading.”

- U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander, Girl Scouts Reading Rocks! spokesman


“Girl Scouting helps young girls live up to their fullest potential and teaches them to accomplish things even they did not realize they could do.  This outstanding organization has made our nation a much better place.”

- U.S. Congressman John J. Duncan Jr.


“The Baker Center is very pleased to be a partner with the Girl Scouts. Together, we can nurture a new generation of informed leaders.”

- Alan Lowe, director of the Howard Baker Public Policy Center


“The Girl Scout Promise still gives me chills.  I know it to this day.  I love it.”

- Moira Kaye, WBIR-TV show host


“Why do I support this program?  Girl Scouts present positive role models, endless possibilities and a clear path to making dreams come true.  The positive influence of Girl Scouts will last a lifetime.  Thank you to the Girl Scouts for dedicating the time and energy in making a difference in the lives of young ladies.”

- Dr. Donna Wright, assistant superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Knox County Schools


“In Girl Scouts it doesn’t matter what color you are or how you look.  You are part of a family, and everyone respects you.”

- Amanda Kurley, Girl Scout


“I love having my senior troop.  It has been a wonderful experience for me watching them grow up from Brownie Girl Scouts into strong, articulate young women.  It makes me proud that they have taken the lessons they have learned in Girl Scouting and are giving back through various leadership roles.  I believe that Girl Scouting has deeply impacted their lives.”

- Gina Jenkins, Troop Leader


“‘Where Girls Grow Strong’ is more than a phrase — it’s the absolute truth.  Just look at my troop.  One of us was our school’s valedictorian, another was class president.  We all earned the Gold Award.  I’m sure we will be lifelong friends.”

- Allison Terry, Senior Girl Scout


“I used to think my troop was blessed to have a leader who was willing to take the time and be there for them.  Now I know that the blessing is mine.  Girl Scouting has developed my skills, stretched my comfort zone and I have grown as a leader.  Volunteering as a leader has made me a better person today.”

- Marianne Ratliff, Troop Leader


“No other organization can claim the impact that Girl Scouting has claimed in me.  The program has taught me the most important lessons of all … to dream, to set goals and to achieve those goals.”

- Jessica Hoover, Girl Scout and Gold Award recipient


“Girl Scouting was the most significant thing in my young life.  Camp Tanasi gave me a love and appreciation of the outdoors, a love of people, a love of service and a love of community.”

-Bobbi Lou Akin-Scull, Tanasi camper from the 1960s


“Girls are strong when they help other people.  Girls need to feel a responsibility to care for others and experience the joy that goes along with it.”

- Debbie Booth, troop leader