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Outdoor Trainings

Outdoor Trainings

Once troops are ready to begin camping outdoors, special training from the Girl Scout council office is necessary.  At least one adult must have First Aid and CPR training for all outings beyond the usual meeting location.  If you plan to take your troop camping, please see the requirements listed below.

Outdoor Program Volunteer
Are you interested in becoming an Outdoor Program volunteer? Be a campground host for the weekend, help with special events at camp, teach outdoor skills or backpacking, assist with a ski trip or whitewater rafting trip, and more. Step Outside with GSCSA!Please fill out the online Outdoor Program Volunteer Position Agreement or print a paper version to fill out and scan or mail back and a council staff will be in touch with you soon.

Level 1 First Aider
One adult with the troop must have current certification in First Aid (Level 1) and Adult and Child CPR or CPR/AED before any camping trip or before any outing beyond the meeting.  This may be a parent or an adult volunteer.

Level 2 First-Aider
If any part of an activity is located 60 minutes or more from emergency medical services or if a camping event has more than 200 participants ensure the presence of a first-aider (level 2).  First-aiders (level 2) pass the same course as first-aiders (level 1), and also have emergency response/first response, sports safety, wilderness first aid, and/or advanced first aid and CPR training. This includes camping in remote areas, backcountry camping, wilderness hiking, boating trips, etc.

Outdoor Basics
Outdoor Basics is a class that is required to go camping anywhere with a troop. One approved volunteer must take this one-time, in-person training PLUS complete the Camp Policies take-home exam. Volunteers can sign up for Outdoor Basics through eBiz.

The Camp Policies take-home exam must be retaken every three years. The Camp Policies Manual and exam will be passed out to Outdoor Basics class participants for them to complete and mail or email back to the council office. If a volunteer needs to retake the exam it will be emailed to them at the beginning of that membership year.

If a volunteer has taken Troop Camp Basics anytime from 2010-2015, they do not have to take the Outdoor Basics class but are required to complete the Camp Policies take-home exam.

Changes are in affect Sept 1, 2015. Volunteers may still take the Troop Camp Basics test-out exam to opt out of Outdoor Basics before then but will have to complete the Camp Policies take-home exam before making a reservation at one of the council's camps.

If a troop is making a NEW reservation at camp and the volunteer has taken Troop Camp Basics or the Troop Camp Basics test-out exam by Aug 31, 2015, they do not need to take Outdoor Basics but must fill out a Camp Policies take-home exam before their camping trip.

If a troop/SU has an existing reservation at camp, they do not need to take Outdoor Basics or the Camp Policies take-home exam as long as their Troop Camp Basics training is current.

After Sept 1, 2015 all volunteers will be required to take Outdoor Basics and the Camp Policies take-home exam in order to camp anywhere in the council.

Outdoor Enrichment Classes
We currently offer Beginning and Intermediate Backpacking as well as Outdoor Cooking. Classes will be added as instructors are available. You do not need to take these classes in order to participate in the outdoors. These classes are for enrichment purposes only.

Encampment Manual
Plan the best campout in Service Unit history with this manual! It’s filled with helpful information on how to reserve camp, plan activities, manage a budget, sample timelines, checklists, and more!

Safety Activity Checkpoints
When preparing for any activity with girls, always begin with the Safety Activity Checkpoints written specifically for that particular activity. They include key steps to take in advance of the activity.