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Goal Getter Rewards

The Goal Getter phase of the 2018 Girl Scout Cookie Program has begun!

Girls who sell additional cookies during this phase (after initial order but before
booth sales start) are marketing all-stars! We want to recognize our Goal Getter
girls with a patch and chance to win a top reward!

Girls who sell 24 boxes or more during the month of February will earn a marketing patch.

Girls who sell 36 boxes or more during the month of February will be entered into a drawing to win ONE of the top cookie program rewards of her choice. One winner per area will be chosen at random.

Boxes can be sold using the Goal Getter Card and/or through Digital Cookie.


Troop Cookie Managers: Girls have from February 1–28, 2018 to take additional orders toward this goal.

Pass out the Goal Getter order cards to your girls so they can continue taking orders. If you need additional cards, please download and print them from the eBudde help center.

Troop Cookie Managers must input these orders by Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. into eBudde in the “GGcke” and “GGspc” columns on the “Girl Order” tab for each girl. Enter the regular $4/box priced cookies in the “GGcke” column and the specialty cookies at $5/box in the “GGspc” column. Don’t forget to allocate your girl delivered Digital Cookie® boxes. Your Digital Cookie shipped and donated cookies will also count towards this promotion during the month of February.

For more details on how to allocate cookies, please see the “Girl Order Tab Tip Sheet.” You can find it in the eBudde help center.