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Safety Activity Checkpoints


Be sure to submit the Troop and Service Unit Activity Approval Form for the following activities:

  • Any travel beyond your normal meeting location (new for Fall 2018!)
  • Approval for high risk activities
  • Approval for international travel
  • Purchasing insurance for trips lasting more than 2 nights, insurance for non-member participants at any event, and insurance for international travel

When preparing for any activity with girls, always begin with the Safety Activity Checkpoints written specifically for that particular activity. They include key steps to take in advance of the activity.

  • Communicate with council and parents
  • Ensure prerequisites. Ranges from an ability to swim to knowledge of primitive camping
  • Arrange for transportation and adult supervision. Recommended adult-to-girl ratios for this activity
  • Verify instructor knowledge and experience. Ensuring the volunteers or on-site instructors possess the proper skill set, knowledge, experience, and/or training/certification
  • Select a safe site. A game plan for ensuring the safest experience possible
  • Compile key contacts. Information on itineraries, phone trees, and other contact information
  • Respect the environment. Tips for ensuring environmental responsibility
  • Prepare for emergencies. First-aider requirements and other emergency precautions

View the Safety Activity Checkpoints. Updated summer 2019.