Staff Directory

Executive Office

Booth KammannChief Executive Officer800-474-1912 ext. 1001
Jeri EngleExecutive Assistant800-474-1912 ext. 1005


Suzette LacyChief Financial Officer800-474-1912 ext. 1003
Kathryn BensonAccountant800-474-1912 ext. 1007
Heather HatmakerDirector of Revenue Management800-474-1912 ext. 1008
Amy HoustonFinance Clerk800-474-1912 ext. 1040
Tam JaramilloController800-474-1912 ext. 1038
Jennifer KingTroop Banking Specialist800-474-1912 ext. 1024


Emily BartlettBusiness Information and Technology Analyst800-474-1912 ext. 2011

Customer Care

Angie BeachCustomer Care Manager800-474-1912 ext. 2003
Laura BurgessCustomer Care Specialist800-474-1912 ext. 2014
Jowana DunlapCustomer Care Specialist 800-474-1912 ext. 1033
Candice YatesCustomer Care Specialist 800-474-1912 ext. 3001

Experiential Programs

Amanda MeridethSenior Director of Mission Delivery800-474-1912 ext. 2020
Lise BenderDirector of Experiential Programs800-474-1912 ext. 1013
Aimee CanterburyOutdoor Programs Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 1014
Becky CavenderOutdoor Pathway Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 1016
Kathy HopkinsHospitality Coordinator800-474-1912
Paula IrwinTeen Programs Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 2016
Becky LunsfordEntrepreneurial Programs Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 3014
Amanda MeadeTeen Leadership Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 1017
Oreon MillardOutdoor Programs Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 3007
Melissa TrimbleEvent and Travel Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 1037

Product and Retail Sales

Elizabeth NewbyProduct Sales and Retail Manager800-474-1912 ext. 2010
Jessi BernardiniProduct Sales Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 3015
Charlotte GatesRetail Specialist800-474-1912 ext. 3002
Autumn JacksonProduct Sales Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 1036
Sarah PayneRetail Specialist800-474-1912 ext. 2006
Brandi SmithRetail Specialist800-474-1912 ext. 1028

Human Resources

Melissa BerryDirector of Human Resources800-474-1912 ext. 1006
Rebecca LaneHuman Resources Generalist800-474-1912 ext. 1026


Kelley WigginsSenior Director of Engagement800-474-1912 ext. 1012
Kristi StringfieldCommunity Development Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 2013
Milly CavenderOutside Community Development Manager800-474-1912 ext. 1035
Kelly CrittendenOutside Community Development Manager800-474-1912 ext. 1022
Liza FoleyOutside Community Development Manager800-474-1912 ext. 2008
Kelsey KinzyOutside Community Development Manager800-474-1912ext. 3011
Katie MagruderOutside Community Development Manager800-474-1912 ext. 1025
Michele KightOutside Community Development Manager800-474-1912 ext. 1021
Chelsea Corbett Inside Community Development Manager800-474-1912 ext. 1002
Sandy Hubbell Inside Community Development Manager800-474-1912 ext. 200
Yvette MehlingInside Community Development Manager800-474-1912 ext. 2001
Heather PaglesInside Community Development Manager800-474-1912 ext. 1011
Shelly White Inside Community Development Manager800-474-1912 ext. 2012
Sabrina BlandDirect Services Assistant800-474-1912 ext. 2015
Amy ScalfInside Community Development Manager 800-474-1912 ext. 1103

Troop Programs

Annie ChapmanDirector of Troop Programs800-474-1912 ext. 2004
Rachael BogemaTroop Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 2002
Anna DirlTroop Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 1019
Kat MilliganTroop Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 1023
Jennifer NelsonTroop Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 3008
Gina WhitfieldTroop Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 1018
Ariel Otto Troop Specialist800-474-1912 ext. 3005

Brand and Resource Development

Judith RosenbergSenior Director of Brand and Resource Development800-474-1912 ext. 1027
Sarah CallahanCommunications Specialist800-474-1912 ext. 1039
Beth CollmanUnited Way and Grants Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 1010
Jill HemmanWebsite Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 1030
Bradi SewellResource Development Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 2007
Laura SkonbergDirector of Marketing 800-474-1912 ext. 2021


J.L. ComptonCamp Adahi Ranger800-474-1912
David HopkinsProperty Manager800-474-1912
Townsend RangeCamp Tanasi Ranger800-474-1912

Program Assessment

Sue Ann JacksonDirector of Program Assessment800-474-1912 ext. 2017

Customer Engagement System

Amy JohnstonCustomer Engagement and Data Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 3003
Rene KentCustomer Engagement and Data Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 1020
Debbie LaneCustomer Engagement and Data Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 3003
Tyra SmithCustomer Engagement and Data Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 1015
Lisa WilliamsCustomer Engagement and Data Coordinator800-474-1912 ext. 3009

Project Management

Nita SextonDirector of Project Management800-474-1912 ext. 1029