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November Green Spot: Alyssa Ball

November Green Spot Volunteer

This month's Green Spot volunteer is Alyssa Ball, troop administrator of Troop 00949 and service unit event coordinator for Holston River Service Unit in Sullivan County.

Last year, Alyssa started Troop 00949 at Mt. Carmel Elementary

She has just moved to the area and wanted to help her daughter make new friends. But what she didn’t know was that she would make friends, too! Alyssa attended the volunteer workshops, took the online training, and asked lots of questions to be prepared for the first few meetings.

Her experience manager attended the second troop meeting for moral support, but soon saw that Alyssa, in her quiet voice, could both maintain the girls’ attention and ask volunteers for help. She is now experienced with the troop and it's growing with even more girls and volunteers.

She also stepped outside her comfort zone to take on responsibilities at the service unit level. She coordinated the well-attended fall event at Cleek Farms with a corn maze, games, and more. One girl who was in attendance has already told our staff how much fun she had!

Alyssa works with a humble attitude and is a true role model for girls. She exemplifies the slogan “do a good turn daily.” Thank you, Alyssa!

The Green Spot is a monthly feature in Volunteer News that highlights our awesome volunteers.