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October Green Spot: Seymour Service Unit

Green Spot October 2016

There is no I in team. 

The Seymour Service Unit in Sevier County thrives on this motto. When it was time to talk recruitment, service unit manager Lisa Pennington knew it would be a group effort.

And what an effort it's been!

Nadine Berger and Kim Haggard wo-manned table at open houses. Nadine did rousing girl talks at Seymour schools - sometimes needing an IV drip of coffee for those 7:20 a.m. ones!

New volunteer Carmen Suthmeier knew her troop needed more girls, so she attended the council's Rah Rah Rally and jumped right in, spreading the word to area home schoolers and private schools.

When the doors opened at the Seymour-area recruitment, 44 FAMILIES poured in! Volunteers Rachel Haueter, Jessica Kirby, Jennifer Hill, and Gail Taylor were at the ready to give girls their first taste of Girl Scouts while their families registered. Two new troops formed and existing troops filled their open slots. Seymour met its new girl goal and its retention goal!  

None of this would have happened without the Superb Seymour TEAM! Juliette Gordon Low would be so proud.


The Green Spot is a monthly feature in Volunteer News that highlights our awesome volunteers.