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April Green Spot: Penny Jo Burkhart

April Green Spot: Penny Jo Burkhart

The April Green Spot volunteer is Penny Jo Burkhart from New Visions Service Unit in Knoxville.

Penny began volunteering in 2008 with her daughter, Hannah's, Daisy troop at East Knox County Elementary School. She is the troop's administrator, and she serves as the service unit treasurer and event coordinator.

Penny is a very energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic mentor for the girls and volunteers in New Visions. As the administrator for Troop 20550, she guided the girls through the requirements to earn both the Bronze and Silver Awards, and they're currently working on the requirements to earn the Gold Award. She makes a difference in the lives the girls with her ability to motivate, encourage, and support their efforts to earn these higher awards.

Penny has great organizational skills that she uses in planning service unit events with other volunteers. They have planned numerous product program kickoffs, year-end celebrations, Journey workshops, and service projects. She is a fantastic multitasker!

She understands the importance of adhering to deadlines for submitting paperwork and encourages her volunteers to keep accurate records. She fulfills her commitments no matter what it takes. Even if she bites off more than she can chew, she presses on with dedication to do what she promised to do.

Penny is committed to Girl Scout mission and gives freely of her time and efforts as a volunteer. Simply put: she is a person who cares.