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May Green Spot: Perky Long

Volunteer with Girl

This month's Green Spot volunteer is Perky Long from Awahila Service Unit in Hamilton County.

She began volunteering with her daughter Sandra's Brownie Girl Scout troop 37 years ago!

The troop continues to stay in touch with Perky after all that time, and she continues to volunteer with Awahila! She has been the Fall Product and Cookie Program manager for more than 25 years. She also mentors her daughter, who is a troop leader and service unit manager. Perky’s granddaughter is also a Girl Scout! 

She is a true people person, and she consistently shares her experience, thoughtfulness, and encouragement with volunteers. She is someone who can be counted on to do more than just her share. She lives up to her nickname, and is always upbeat and perky! 

She also works part-time at Ooltewah Baptist Church, is involved in a car club, and has grandsons who are active Boy Scouts.