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Girl Scout STEM Badge College Event

Girl Scout STEM Badge College event

On June 2, Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians and Pellissippi State Community College partnered together to create the STEM* Badge College event for Girl Scout Cadettes and higher.

At the event, girls learned about 3D printing, computer coding, DNA, robotics, movie-making, and much more.

Girl Scout STEM Badge College activities

Girl Scout STEM Badge College activities

Girl Scout STEM Badge College activities

We sat down with some of the girls and asked them to tell us about what they learned. Here are some of the things they told us.

“I did robotics and I thought it went very well. I loved it. I love engineering and I think I may go to an engineering college ‘cause I like building robots.” Ellie, on the robotics workshop

“I thought it was very interesting [that] you could use your creative skills to make your own mini story about anything you wanted to. To see how people did all the movies, it’s not just going to a place, filming it, and you’re done…. It’s so much more special effects to get it to how you want it to be.” Beth, on the Digital Movie Making workshop

“We learned how to extract DNA, learned how to take finger prints, and we also learned about how to find someone's height just by looking at one of their bones.” Megan, on the Special Agent workshop

“We talked about 3D printers and how they work and it was really fun. We did some 3D sculptures with the 3D pens and I ended up making some glasses.” Kiri, on the 3D printing workshop

Girl Scout Kiri and 3D printed glasses

*Science, technology, engineering, and math.