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Girl Scout Veteran Series: Nancy Johnson

For Veteran’s Day, we spoke with Nancy Johnson, U.S. Army veteran and former GSCSA Board of Directors member.  She became a Girl Scout member as an adult when she joined the board in 2007. As previous Vice President of Business Services & Performance Assurance at B&W Y-12 LLC, Nancy also served as First Vice Chair for our council. We thank Nancy for her sacrifice and service to our country.  

What got you interested in the military?  I was recruited into Army ROTC in college with the idea that I would go to law school and then serve as an attorney for the Army - that plan hit the rocks pretty quickly, but I really enjoyed the physical and intellectual aspects of training to be a soldier.

What branch of service were you in? What rank?  U.S. Army; I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel

How many years did you serve? 20

Did you go overseas? Yes, we had a three-year assignment in Germany - it was a fantastic time for our family to explore Europe together.

How does your military experience affect your life today?  My Army experience shaped so many aspects of my life. Today, more so than while I was in the Army, I have a deeper respect for the impact of military service on families and the sacrifices they make. I was 20 when I became a Lieutenant, and life as a soldier indelibly transformed me in virtually every way you could imagine: discipline, courage, commitment, mental and physical strength, integrity. I served with some amazing people, had tremendous opportunities, and was honored to be able to be part of something that is so vital to our country.  

Favorite Girl Scout memory? Being part of a flag ceremony led by Stefanie Johnson (who is an amazing Girl Scout in her own right).

Which Girl Scout Cookie or Fall product item is your favorite?  No question: Do-Si-Dos!

What are your hobbies today?  I am seriously over-subscribed in the hobby category:  I brew beer, make wine, bake bread, have a vegetable garden, play the violin, paint, supervise my husband, and spend lots of time with our three grandchildren….my time is filled with “hands-on” creating!