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Textile Artist Badge Workshop at the Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival

Sat Apr 21, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM EST
Smoky Mountain Heritage Center, 123 Cromwell Dr., Townsend, TN. 37882 Map
Adult, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
At the Senior Textile Artist badge workshop girls will interview a fiber artist who works with natural fibers and learn how they are modernizing traditional techniques. Girl Scouts will explore the different types of fleece and how it becomes thread and then fabrics for clothing or for art. Collect samples and develop a chart about their origin, texture, dye, and use  Up to steps 1-2 will be completed for the Textile Artist badge. A wide range of classes are available from the Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival, if a Girl Scout is interested in pursuing them.

This workshop was designed for Seniors, but Cadettes may also enjoy the class. Visiting the vendors or attending classes will be at the option of the participant and not participation in the Girl Scout workshop.

Class size is limited, so hurry to register! 

Visit for more information and to register for this class.