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Gadget Girls

This event has already taken place.

November 17, 2012
9:00 am — 4:00 pm
$10.00 per girl (includes lunch)
$5.00 per adult (includes lunch)
Registration is closed.
Agricultural Campus at the University of Tennessee

Put on lab coats and goggles for an up-close look at our world and crazy-fun experiments. The adventure just may spark a life-long interest in STEM, leading to a high paying job.

Grade Levels: 4th-8th grade and adults

Maximum: 150 people

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Lunch is included in the price and an exact location will be emailed with your confirmation packet.

DNA Necklace: Learn about DNA and how scientists use DNA extraction to solve different real world mysteries. Use cotton swabs to remove a sample of your own cheek cells, extract DNA, and make a necklace of your own DNA to take home with you.

Decode DNA: Learn about the transfer of information from DNA to RNA to peptide. Decode a strand of DNA to determine the correct order of “amino acid” beads to make your own bracelet.

Molecular Biology: Learn about the process of gel electrophoresis that scientists use to separate sequences of DNA. Use food dyes to run an electrophoresis experiment and see separation of the substances based on size.

Plant Science: Learn how scientists use plant tissue culture to generate new plants by cloning and make your own tissue culture plantlets.

Census at School: Learn how scientists collect and use real data to solve statistical problems. Students will use the computer lab to enter data and compare their results with information from other schools.

Math: Come learn about geometry in 3D by using triangles to build solids with mathematicians and scientists. Make your own origami solid as a souvenir reminder that geometry doesn’t have to be just flat!

“CSI Soils”: Learn how scientists use properties of soils to match suspects to crime scenes. Use this information to solve the mystery of who committed the crime.

Chemistry: Do hands-on experiments with safe, non-toxic materials to study the chemical properties of different items.

Physics: Explore the different properties of light by doing hands-on experiments to find out how we know which chemical elements make up a star, and why the sky is blue.

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