Girl Scouting is Flexible

Families are busy, and time is precious. That’s why you decide which type or “pathway” of Girl Scouting is the best fit for your family. Choose from one or several of the following Pathways:

  • Troop: The traditional series of program activities with the same group of girls, typically meeting twice per month and spanning the length of a school year. Troops often choose outdoor and event activities to augment their experience over the year.
  • Series: Participate once or twice a year in a series program with a group of girls who are her age with similar interests.  These programs are short-term, troop-style experiences focused around a particular theme or interest. Led by volunteers, programs in this pathway typically last nine weeks. Blend the series program she chooses with activities from the outdoor and events pathways to give her more to explore.
  • Outdoor: Love everything outside? Participate in camps, cooking, environmental interest programs, special interest events and adventure activities that are outdoor-focused. Often family-friendly, blend this pathway together with series or events programs to add to her experience.
  • Events: Local and council wide opportunities for her education and for fun. Meet girls all over the council, participate in special interest events she’s interested in on a schedule that works for your family. You can easily blend this pathway together with outdoor or series programs to increase the fullness of her experience.

Through Girl Scouts, girls discover the fun, friendship, and power of girls together.

All members:

  • share the Girl Scout Promise and Law
  • follow safety guidelines
  • pay annual membership dues of $12. (Dues enable girls to enjoy every aspect of the Girl Scout program). Financial assistance for dues is available. Contact your service center for details.

Join Now

Joining Girl Scouts is simple. Dial 800.474.1912 for information on area troops and groups.  Not in the Chattanooga, Knoxville or Tri-Cities area? Call toll-free (800) 478.7248 or (212) 852.8000 for more information.

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