We’ve Just Joined. Now What?

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Does your family know girls who also want to be Girl Scouts? No problem. Families may register their girl online here. Please pass this link to other parents and get as many friends involved as possible. New members are always welcome!

Begin Participating Now!

If your family is waiting for your girl to be placed in a troop, remember that she may still register for any council event, participate in the council’s service activities, and begin certain badge work. You will find the information you need on the “Events” section of this website under the “More to Explore” and “Opportunities” sections.

A Family News electronic newsletter will be sent to your e-mail every other week to keep you up to date.

We signed up to participate in a troop experience. When will the troop start meeting?
If your girl is being placed in an established troop, the leader will contact you to let you know about its next meeting. If your girl is being placed in a new troop, the leader will contact you after she has completed training. Please allow four to six weeks for the process to happen.

Four to six weeks seems like a long time. What takes so long?
During our busiest fall months, we typically recruit, place, and train thousands of girls and volunteers within a period of just a couple months. We must ensure that every volunteer receives the training we require to facilitate the best possible Girl Scout experience for every girl. Additionally, we are committed to ensuring that every girl is placed in the type of experience she desires, and that also serves your family’s needs. Sometimes we might not have an existing troop in your community and we are seeking volunteers to make that experience possible. Again, proper adult-to-girl supervision ratios and ensuring a top-notch experience for our girls are critical factors in placing your girl in a troop. We know girls are excited and we appreciate your patience during our busy times.

Are there activities girls can participate in while they’re waiting to be assigned to a troop?
Yes! Girls may still register for any council event, participate in the council’s service activities, and begin certain badge work. You will find the information you need on the “Events” section of this website under the “More to Explore” and “Opportunities” sections.

Where and when will my troop meet?
The troop meeting is set by the leader and co-leader. Meeting frequency can vary from weekly, a couple times a month or just once a month. If the troop leader schedules a meeting and it isn’t convenient for you, please contact our office and we can place you daughter in a troop that works better for your schedule. Remember, a perk of being a troop leader is that YOU help determine your troop’s meeting schedule.

I got an email with my girl’s troop number, but I haven’t heard anything from the leader. Why?
This likely means that your girl has been assigned to a troop, but the leader still must complete required training in order for the troop to begin its activities. Once this occurs, you will be contacted by the leader.

How do I get in touch with the leader for the troop at my girl’s school?
We do not distribute personal contact information for our volunteers unless they have given us permission to do so. While troops are sometimes formed within just one school, they often have girls participating from several schools within one community. This facilitates friendships girls might not otherwise have the opportunity to make, and also allows us to serve more girls.

Is there a uniform?
To be an official Girl Scout, you only need a membership pin. The official uniform, which isn’t required, is khaki pants, white shirt, and a sash or vest based on a girl’s grade/Girl Scout level and what uniform components her troop selects. Sashes and vests are typically the ways girls display the badges and patches they earn and receive. These often become keepsake items girls have for many years as part of their Girl Scout experience.

What if I can’t afford the membership fee and/or other costs to participate?
We provide financial assistance to ensure that all girls can be Girl Scouts. Please fill out the Shop/Event Financial Assistance Form for help with uniforms, basic program supplies, and the cost of certain events. We encourage girls whose families have financial need to participate in our product sales programs, which allow them to earn money to pay for their Girl Scouting activities and program materials. Some troops ask for a small amount of dues annually, which is set by the troops themselves. Financial need for dues is addressed on a case-by-case basis. Again, financial need should never be a stumbling block to a girls participation in Girl Scouting.

I would like to help, but I can’t be a leader. What else can I do?
In a troop there are other volunteer roles besides leading a troop. You can bring the snack, help out with the cookie program, or help with the bank account. We have many other volunteer opportunities outside of troop volunteering including helping with a single event, training other volunteers, helping coordinate events for girls in your area, or leading a short-term series of meetings with girls. Learn more.

My daughter has a special need. Will a troop accept her?
Girl Scouts is an all-inclusive organization. We will make every effort to ensure that every girl is placed in the Girl Scout environment and experience that will meet her needs. It will be helpful for you to volunteer with the troop, but if you can’t, you will want to attend the first few meetings to make sure that your girl’s needs are met and understood.

What is Girl Scouts’ affiliation with Boy Scouts?
Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are two completely separate organizations. While we might offer certain programming or community events in partnership with Boy Scouts, our local and national organizations are separate entities with separate policies, procedures, curriculum, and governance. For more information about what we stand for, click here.

Will my daughter get to sell Girl Scout cookies?
It is your family’s choice whether your girl participates in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. If she joins a troop, every troop is offered the opportunity to sell products as a fundraiser. This is how girls and troops raise money to participate in events and pay for next year’s membership fees and program materials. Girls also learn valuable life skills through our product sales programs like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

We’re excited that you are now a part of the Girl Scout family. If you have any other questions, please call 1-800-474-1912 and speak with a Support and Information Specialist.