Cookie Resources

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season. We’ve provided a host of materials to help you spread the word about the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Simply click on the image or download link, save them to your computer and print!

5 for $20 Booth Table Tent

Prints on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of card stock. Simply fold in half and stand on cookie boxes to promote cookie sales at the booths.
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Cookie Booth Guide

Informative booklet with lots of important information and answers to many questions.
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Safety Guide

Safety tips to ensure Girl Scouts and Girl Scout volunteers can sell cookies safely while having tons of fun!
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Operation: APPRECIATION Poster

Use to promote Operation: APPRECIATION, especially to people who want to be supportive but might not want to eat cookies.
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Cover Images for Facebook

Click on the image you want to use. A larger image will open in a new window. Right click and save image to your computer.

How to Sell Cookies / 8.5”x11”

The “How to Sell Cookies” resource is the perfect way to help Girl Scouts get the most out of the Girl Scout Cookie Program experience. The 10 steps explain the importance of customer interaction, money management, goal setting, working as a team, and more.
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Team Business Cards / 10-up, Avery 3.5” x 2”

These “team” business cards encourage customers to buy cookies this year and provide the URL so that they and their families and friends will know where to buy cookies. Girls can hand the cards out at booths. SAFETY REMINDER: Girls should not use these cards to write their personal email/phone numbers for customers!
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Promotional Signage / 8.5”x11″

Are your girls selling Girl Scout Cookies at a local office? Setting up shop outside the town grocery store? Promote the sale with these customizable signs!

Download Girl Scout Cookie Season is Here Sign »

Download Get Your Girl Scout Cookies Today Sign »

Cookie Cause Poster / 8.5”x11”

Will girls be donating Girl Scout Cookie boxes to a local cause? Tell customer about it and show how the team is making a difference this year. Indicate on the poster that you’re supporting a general Take Action project, not a specific organization, in keeping with Girl Scout money-earning guidelines. For example: “we’re providing meals for the homeless” or “we’re purchasing food for the animal shelter,” not “we’re donating to the Red Cross” or “we’re giving money to the Petco Animal fund.”
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Directional Sign / 8.5”x11”

Girls can direct customers to their cookie booth with these simple directional signs.
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Goal Posters / 8.5”x11”

Daily Goal Poster
Do girls have a daily cookie-box-selling goal? Help them track sales and observe progression with this handy chart!
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Seasonal Goal Chart
Girls can share their team’s seasonal goals with customers and track overall sales on this convenient chart. Girls fill in values to the left of the meter and color the gears showing their progress throughout the Girl Scout Cookie season.
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Thank-You Cards / 2-up, 4.25” x 5.5” folded

Girls can give a big “thank-you” to their cookie customers with these Avery-compatible cards—ready to print. Have girls fill out and include the cards with each cookie order as a show of appreciation. Compatible products: Avery 3268, 33379, 3379, 5315, 8315
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Sample Tweets and Facebook Status Updates

Whether it’s Katie Couric or your Aunt Claire, this cookie season, share with your friends a photo of your favorite Girl Scout business leader with a caption: “Buy cookies from a Girl Scout Cookie Professional today. Watch what she accomplishes tomorrow.”

It’s that time of year again! It’s Girl Scout cookie season and you won’t want to miss out on buying your favorites! Contact [insert adult contact info here] today to place your order!

Think Girl Scout cookies can only be used to make desserts? Check out this Fried Samoa Shrimp recipe to see one of the many other ways you can enjoy Girl Scout cookies. Contact [insert adult contact information here] to buy some today!

Did you know that there are only two cookies that outsell the Thin Mint–Oreo® and Chips Ahoy®? Your purchase of a box of Thin Mints or other Girl Scout cookie helps girls learn valuable lessons, like goal-setting, decision making, and money management. Order taking is going on now! Contact [insert adult contact info] to help a girl learn important life skills and change her community.

On 1/31/14–It’s only 1 week until National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. Have you reserved your cookies with a Girl Scout? Contact [insert adult contact info here] to order today!

When Girl Scouts sell cookies, they’re building a lifetime of skills and confidence. This video says it all. Check it out and share it! [Link to one of our videos]. And while you’re at it, place your order today!

On 2/7/14–It’s National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. What’s your favorite cookie? Orders are still being taken! Contact [insert adult contact information] .

On 2/27/14–Going out & about this weekend? You may find Girl Scouts at [insert booth sale location here] selling cookies to fund [insert troop goal here]. Stop by and buy some cases today!

Girl Scouts learn a lot about decision making through their cookie businesses. Support a local Girl Scout’s goals by buying cookies today!

Money management is an important lifelong skill–and Girl Scouts learn it hands-on through their cookie businesses. Our troop has learned [insert what troop has learned about this skill here].

Trying to stick to your New Year’s resolution? How about supporting our troop’s Gift of Caring project by purchasing boxes of cookies to be donated to [insert national guard troop or other community organization here]? Contact [insert adult contact information here] today to learn more.

Today is the last day we will be selling cookies at our booth! Visit us at “location” from “time” and get them while supplies last!

On 1/10/14–Orders now being taken for cookies.Talk to a Girl Scout in your area or go to to reserve your boxes today.#gscookies

Girl Scouts learn a lot about decision making through their cookie businesses.Support a local Girl Scout’s goals by buying cookies today!

On 2/27/14– Booth sales start this weekend! Visit us at [store] on [day] to support girls in your community! #gscookies

Think Girl Scout cookies can only be used to make desserts. Think again! #gscookies

Buy cookies to donate to local national guard [or insert other organization]! Contact me today! #gscookies