Lead a troop with a team of volunteers

Leading a troop may be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. In fact, some would-be volunteers are too intimidated to even step forward to lead. There’s an easier option. A “troop team” model spreads the responsibility for leading a troop among a core team of volunteers. No single person must carry a huge burden for the troop. Instead, many volunteers play unique roles to make the troop a success. In most cases, the troop is large or multi-grade-levels, with girls taking leadership roles.

The best part? Girls, parents, and volunteers in troop teams are happy. Things seem to naturally click into place! Watch the video below to see a troop in action.

What does a troop look like?

Because volunteers have smaller, well defined roles, training is easier. Each volunteer has her or his own set of training and resources that are easy to access. Most training is online. No one is overwhelmed, because everyone is working for the girls.

Volunteer Positions


Troop volunteers work together to provide a quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience for girls through service to the girls assigned to their troop. The team structure allows each volunteer to maximize his or her skills as they pertain to troop leadership. Read more about leading a troop with a team.


Service units are teams of volunteers who work together to provide a quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience for the girls in their community through events and other activities.


Site-based volunteers work with girls at locations such as schools, churches, and community centers to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to them for a specific program series.


Advisory volunteers work with council staff to provide development and guidance for volunteers and girls, as well as make recommendations on operational decisions. These volunteers provide a quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience for girls through service in an advisory capacity.


School captains work with school administrators at their assigned school to facilitate the Girl Scout movement in the school and ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.


Episodic volunteers help with events and other activities occasionally. Episodic volunteers may help with one event a year, a monthly activity, or at other times that extra help is needed and the volunteer is available.


Outdoor Volunteers coordinate with council staff and work with girls and/or adults in the Outdoor Pathway. Volunteers can serve as Camp Master, trainer, summer camp volunteer, outdoor trip chaperones and help with special events at camp.

Learn more!

Watch a video of a successful troop from the United Way of Greater Chattanooga.

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