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Summer Camp FAQs

Resident Camp

Why aren’t you posting pictures to Facebook?

We’re using a new photo software this summer called Bunk1! This will allow parents who have campers at camp during a given week to have access to the photos from that week, protecting the privacy of our campers. Parents should have received a flyer in their mailed pre-camp packet and will receive another reminder at camp drop-off. We will not be posting daily to Bunk1 or Facebook. This will allow our staff to focus on your Girl Scout’s experience and not on a camera or spending time trying to upload photos while at camp. We promise your girls are learning to connect with nature, each other, and tackling new skills. Our staff are well trained and dedicated to providing the comfort and encouragement campers need while helping them adjust to their time away from home and you’ll be even more excited to see their smiling faces at pick up! We will still post a very limited number of photos on our council’s Facebook page each week but there will not be a daily photo posting on either platform.

What can I expect my Girl Scout to learn while at camp?

Our camp program as a whole is designed to meet the five Girl Scout Leadership Experience short-term outcomes: strong sense of self, positive values, challenge seeking, healthy relationships, and community problem solving.

Each program has specific activities, badges, and projects they will be working on that will help them meet some of these outcomes. However, our program focuses heavily on encouraging girls to seek challenges in the world and to build healthy relationships.

Your Girl Scout will be given information at check-out about any badges she might have earned during the week and will include questions to ask her to help her reflect on her experience!

When will registration for camp sessions close?

Each camp session registration closes two weeks before the session begins.

How quickly will sessions fill?

There are many new and exciting summer camp options for 2021 that we anticipate will fill quickly, especially considering that we brought over the postponed 2020 registrations first. The themed weeks are historically one of the first programs to fill. A $75 deposit is required to hold your camper’s spot in any program. 

Why can’t I choose activities for my camper?

In order to facilitate scheduling of activities and certified instructors, girls will be assigned activities based on their program’s grade levels. The activities that will be included in any specific program are listed in that programs detailed description. Campers will experience more than ever before, with some girls doing badge activities and learning new outdoor skills this year, too!

Can I ask for buddies or specific lodging for my camper?

No. All campers have an opportunity to interact during all-camp activities, daily activity schedules, and meals. Part of the learning experience and growth for each camper is to make new friends and experience new adventures in a safe and supportive environment.

Lodging is based on capacity and program area, as some programs require certain types of lodging. Lodging is also chosen based on camper age and ability.

If your camper has a medical need that requires specific lodging, please email the camp director at and one of our camp staff will contact you to discuss.

What are Camper Kits?

Camper Kits are available for pre-order during registration only. Kits include fun items to be used at camp or at home.

What time is check-in?

Check-in for five-day or six-day sessions and the Sunday through Tuesday Camper Sampler session takes place on Sunday from 1:00-4:00p.m.

Check in for the Wednesday through Friday Camper Sampler session takes place on Wednesday from 1-3pm.

Camp Tanasi cannot accept travelers by boat; all campers must arrive by automobile. The camp gate will open at 12:30p.m., but there will be no one available to answer questions or supervise your camper until check-in begins. Family pets are not allowed on the camp property. When campers arrive at camp on Sunday, it is best to leave all luggage in the car until campers go through the entire check-in process.  For more details, please see the parent information packet.

Can I bring my pet with me to check-in?

Our camp does not allow any pets on the property. However, we welcome service animals.

What time is check-out?

Check out for five-day sessions takes place on Thursday from 3:00-5:00p.m. You will be given specific instructions in your confirmation email.

Check out for six-day sessions takes place on Friday from 3:00-5:00p.m. You will be given specific instructions in your confirmation email.

Check-out for Camper Sampler sessions that are Sunday through Tuesday takes place on Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00p.m. Camper Sampler sessions that are Wednesday through Friday takes place on Friday from 3:00-5:00p.m.  

The gate will not be open prior to check out times for the safety of our campers.

If an earlier check-out time is required by a girl’s family, it must be requested through the camp director.

What if we are going to be late or have to leave early?

If your camper will be arriving late, please call the camp office prior to arrival at 865-494-7470. Report to the camp office upon arrival for late check-in. 

If your camper needs to leave camp for any reason during the week, please notify the camp office during check-in. We will issue you a gate code and have your camper and her belongings ready for you upon your arrival.  Please report to the camp office to pick up your camper with ID. 

For your camper's safety, our gate remains locked 24 hours a day. You will not be able to enter the property without prior notification.

Can I call my camper while she is at camp?

To foster a sense of independence, campers do not use the telephone.

Calls to and from home can increase the likeliness of homesickness, so instead, we ask that you and your camper communicate through letter writing. You may use the Bunk1 app or write snail mail letters.

Campers are not allowed to bring or use cell phones at camp. In an emergency, the camp office will contact you and the camp director will make any needed arrangements. 

In the event of an emergency, call the camp office at 865-494-7470. There will be times when no one is in the camp office, so please leave a voicemail. Calls will be returned as soon as possible during regular business hours, which are Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. and Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Where can I send my camper mail?

Our new software, Bunk1, will allow you to send your camper e-letters during the week while they are at camp AND allow them to respond (should you decide to use this feature). You should have received a flyer in your pre-camp mailed packet but you will also be given one at check in. These letters are delivered to camp electronically each morning at 8 am so we can accept them through check-out day!

If you choose to bring traditional cards, care packages, or letters with you to check-in, please leave this mail with administrative staff and include your camper’s name, desired delivery date, and camper’s unit on the package. Please do not send any food products in your care packages as they attract critters. If you choose to send a letter through the U.S. Mail, please all 5+ business days for delivery and send to:

Camp Tanasi
Camper’s Name
Unit’s Name
P.O. Box 28
Andersonville, TN 37705

What is the address for Camp Tanasi?

The physical address for Camp Tanasi is 123 Dark Hollow Rd. North, Andersonville, TN 37705. No mail is accepted at this address, only the P.O. Box.

Can I visit my camper?

Camp is a wonderful opportunity for girls to experience independent living. There are no visitors during our sessions because campers are busy and active. Any adult on the property at a time other than check-out and check-in must stop at the camp office.

What should my camper pack?

A packing list is available here.

Can summer resident camp accommodate campers with special medical needs?

Camp Tanasi has a Registered Nurse on site 24-hours per day during camp sessions. This healthcare provider can care for participants with special medical needs. If your camper has special medical needs such as epilepsy, insulin-dependent diabetes, or other physically disabling conditions, please reach out to us prior to registering your camper at

Is financial assistance available?

Yes. If coming to camp is cost prohibitive for your family, please fill out the Financial Assistance for Girl Members form.

The deadline to apply for financial assistance is April 1, 2022 at midnight. 

How do I use Cookie Dough or Candy Cash for summer camp?

The use of program credits, including Cookie Dough or Candy Cash, can be used to make final, remaining payments for summer resident camp.

They cannot be used for the initial deposit of $75 per program, which must be paid online.

Program credits can be used by coming to one of our council shops or by calling (800) 474-1912. The electronic credits will be applied to the girl’s camp balance.

Please email for further assistance or questions about using program credits.

What are the Theme Dinners this summer?

We will be offering special, secret theme dinners each week with a unique souvenir for each camper.

What happens if I have to cancel? Do I get a refund?

Please email as soon as you know you need to cancel. All camp cancellation requests MUST be submitted in writing to

Refunds will only be issued if the cancellation is made BEFORE the registration deadline.

The refunded amount will be for any fees collected above the deposit amount. Program credits will be reissued, if applicable.

Deposits are non-refundable, unless a medical or family emergency can be documented. This is according to the discretion of the program registrar and finance departments.

If the cancellation is made after the registration deadline, the request for refund will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

What is your camp policy on tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and weapons?

We are a smoke, drug, and alcohol-free facility. We do not allow our campers or staff to use these items and all of our staff take a drug test as part of the hiring process. We do not allow any weapons on our property. The only exception is small pocket knives used for programming sessions.

Can I bring my own life jacket or other sports equipment?

Our safety guidelines do not allow campers or staff to bring their own sports equipment, including (but not limited to) life jackets, harnesses, and helmets.


CIT Programs

What is the CIT program?

CIT stands for Counselor-in-Training.

It’s a challenging and fun program to build skills and experiences which prepare young women to be a future camp counselor.

Our goal is for CIT campers to gain expertise in leadership, program planning, and implementation, as well as working with younger campers.

Upon completion, CIT program participants are encouraged to apply for a position as a Camp Tanasi staff member, as they’ll bring a strong camp background and hands-on experience! However, the CIT program isn’t just for campers interested in being future counselors. It’s also a program that teaches skills girls may not receive in school or other areas of life.

The CIT program at Camp Tanasi teaches decision making, goal setting, team work, flexibility, and empathy. It provides practical, meaningful experiences in a safe and nurturing environment where she can try new things.

Why should I enroll my Girl Scout?

If girls are interested in leadership roles, or would like to get ahead in trying out careers, the CIT program provides invaluable skills and education.

Many former CITs have gone on to become counselors, teachers, community development managers, and leaders in many other professions. Many girls say that the CIT program helped them stand out in job and internship searches.

What are the ages for CIT?

CIT 1 is for girls grades 9th-12th.

CIT 2 is for girls that are in grades 10th-12th and have already participated in CIT 1. They are both earned awards from GSUSA.

Can I visit my CIT camper?

No. Even though CIT campers are at camp for 12 days, we ask that no friends or family visit camp. This is a chance for the CIT campers to build their autonomy, independence, and self-reliance. If you need to drop off items to the camp mid-stay, you can drop them off at the Knoxville Service center or make arrangements with the camp director in advance.

Do CIT campers have special privileges?

CIT campers are allowed to bring their own snacks and beverages from home as long as they are labeled with their full name. These can only be consumed at the CIT cabin and never in front of other non-CIT campers. CIT 1 campers are NOT allowed to bring cell phones or texting devices; however, they can bring music players or eReaders. CIT 2 campers are allowed to bring cell phones and are taught appropriate usage during camp. 

CIT campers also have access to the laundry room at Camp Tanasi. Over their weekend stay, they may use the laundry facilities free of charge. Camp Tanasi will provide the detergent unless the camper prefers to bring their own.


Wilderness Programs

What is the Wilderness program?

It’s an opportunity for middle and high-school girls to connect with each other and nature in a safe and supportive environment.

It’s an opportunity for middle and high-school girls to connect with each other and nature in a safe and supportive environment.

Each Wilderness unit has three highly-trained and qualified staff that have been hand-picked for their passion and expertise in the wild. Each staff member has completed CPR and First Aid certification along with a week-long intensive training to prepare them to facilitate a unique and comprehensive experience for each girl.

The Wilderness units are situated within Camp Tanasi in a location that affords privacy and exploration, while still being in close proximity to Main Camp and camp office personnel. Each Wilderness unit is accessible via an all-terrain vehicle for emergencies and has a handheld two-way radio that allows the staff to communicate with Main Camp and the camp director at all times.

Wilderness I is for girls going into 8th–12th grade in fall 2021. It’s a progression from the traditional Camp Discovery experience. Each morning, campers will participate in our regular camp activities. After lunch, campers return to their primitive unit to learn basic outdoor skills, and work together to plan and cook dinner over the fire.

Can friends be in Wilderness together?

Yes. Wilderness allows friends or relatives to stay together, if they’re in the same program. Accommodations cannot be guaranteed, but if your camper and her friend are in the same week, they can choose to “hammock” near each other. Part of the Wilderness experience is creating a supportive group dynamic and learning to work together to achieve success.

How quickly will Wilderness fill up?

We limit each week to a MAXIMUM of 14 campers per week, per session.  This program is a unique adventure that teaches girls skills that will last a lifetime and help build confidence. We recommend placing a deposit as soon as possible to secure your camper’s spot.

What is the lodging like?

Each camper will have their own hammock to sleep in, including a rain fly. Campers will be taught how to select trees for low-impact hammock camping and learn the core principals of Leave No Trace outdoor ethics. Severe weather plans are in place and campers will be moved to a cabin if needed.

Since the girls will be in a wilderness setting, alternative methods will be used to protect girls from sun and rain exposure. Girls will learn how to hang tarps from trees to keep them dry and out of the sun while they continue with their activities or meal preparations.

What will the food be like?

Our wilderness menu will offer a variety of options, complete nutrition for active girls, and fun each day. Campers will follow a progressive model, building upon their previous meals, and have the opportunity to try a variety of delicious meals. All Wilderness campers will make and have access to their own snacks at all times, so they can eat as they are hungry throughout the day.

What about beverages?

Wilderness campers will only be in the “wild” in the late afternoon though the following morning. They will eat breakfast and lunch in the dining hall and will have many opportunities to fill their water bottles before heading to their unit during Turtle Time (rest period). Water will be available each night as water jugs will be brought to the girl’s unit.

Is there a bathroom?

There are no traditional flush toilets or running water at the primitive units. Campers will be taught how to dispose of their own waste, including feminine hygiene products, wash their hands and brush their teeth using Leave No Trace and low-impact camping methods. Each day, campers will have the opportunity to take a shower in the bath house, if they desire, at base camp or Main Camp. There will also be a primitive camp shower area at each Wilderness unit. Campers will be able to make their own decision on what they prefer each day and that is what makes the Wilderness program so unique and empowering for our girls.

Do Wilderness campers need to have any outdoor skills before arriving?

We structure all activities as an opportunity for campers to have fun while learning an outdoor skill. Campers don’t need any prior outdoor skills experience. However, it is recommended that campers have some previous experience camping in a tent overnight with night sounds and working as a productive member of a team.  We provide all of the equipment and instruction for every activity in which campers participate. 

Are there wild animals?

Camp Tanasi is home to many animals including turkey, fox, skunks, opossums, deer, coyotes, and other small animals. There are no bears on the camp property or in the surrounding area. Campers will be taught how to respect these animals using Leave No Trace outdoor ethics. All precautions will be taken to ensure that these animals choose to stay away from the Wilderness units such as: securing food by hanging in trees at the proper height, not allowing food in the hammock tent sleeping area, and good personal hygiene.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes. If coming to camp is cost prohibitive for your family, please fill out the Financial Assistance for Girl Members form.

The deadline to apply for financial assistance is April 1, 2021 at midnight.