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Girl and father campfire

Outdoor Education

Once troops are ready to begin camping outdoors, special training from GSCSA is required. At least one adult must have first aid and CPR training for all outings beyond the usual meeting location. The same adult or another adult from the group must also have GSCSA Outdoor Training.  

First Aid, CPR, and Wilderness First Aid
For any camping trip with an Emergency Medical System response time of less than 30 minutes, at least one approved volunteer must be currently certified in first aid and CPR. For any camping trip or activity site with an EMS response time of more than 30 minutes, at least one approved volunteer must be currently certified in CPR and Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder.

Outdoor Education Class
All classes offered are hybrid, meaning part online and part in-person. Once you are signed up for a class, you will be assigned the Outdoor Training module through GS Learn. Once that is completed, you may attend the in-person section for the hands on training!

Participants will leave with some tips for girl-led trip planning on your next trip or campout to help guide girls in taking the lead. We will also discuss the outdoor and travel progression charts, so you'll know when your girls are ready for the next step!

This course is offered at all three of our camp properties seasonally. Find upcoming dates on our Activities Calendar.

Outdoor Education and Camp Policies

Our Outdoor Education classes are educational and hands-on sessions that are beneficial to go camping anywhere with a troop, including a volunteer’s backyard. One approved volunteer must complete the Camp Policies take-home exam. Volunteers can sign up for Outdoor Education Classes through our Activities Calendar.

The Camp Policies take-home exam must be retaken every three years.

Service Unit Encampments
Plan the best campout in service unit history with this Service Unit Encampment manual! It’s filled with helpful information on how to reserve camp, plan activities, manage a budget, sample timelines, checklists, and more!

Safety Activity Checkpoints
When preparing for any activity with girls, always begin with the Safety Activity Checkpoints written specifically for that particular activity. They include key steps to take in advance of the activity.

Outdoor Programs Volunteer
Are you interested in becoming an Outdoor Program volunteer? Be a campground host for the weekend, help with special events at camp, teach outdoor skills or backpacking, assist with a a ski trip or whitewater rafting trip, and more. For more information, email us at or give us a call at 800.474.1912.