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Join the Trefoil Society!

Support the Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians.

The Trefoil Society honors those people who help us advance our mission through generous annual financial support.

Why a Trefoil?

Trefoil means three leaves. Each leaf in the Girl Scout Trefoil stands for part of the Girl Scout Promise.

When a girl becomes a Girl Scout, she receives a membership pin in the shape of a Trefoil, symbolizing her acceptance of the ethical leadership values she will learn as a member.

Members of the Trefoil Society commit to support new and returning Girl Scouts as they discover their leadership potential and Take Action in their communities.


With an annual commitment of $1,000 or more, Trefoil Society members get the opportunity to meet our volunteer leadership, attend exclusive events, and meet other Trefoil Society members.

  • Trefoil - $1,000
  • Bronze - $2,500
  • Silver - $5,000
  • Gold - $10,000
  • Pearl - $25,000
How to Join

Trefoil Society members:

  • Jennifer Axsom Adler 
    Martha Begalla
    Julia Bentley
    Melissa Berry
    Robert Biscay
    Elizabeth Blakely
    Tamara Boyer
    Senator Tim Burchett
    Jenny Clemmer
    Joann Comer
    Patty Cook
    Betsey Creekmore
    Denise Douglas
    Carol Ferguson
    Madyson Foster
    Ellen Fowler
    Lynne Fugate
    Charles & Sue Fullgraf
    Kathi Grant-Willis
    Tiffany Gardner
    Lucille Griffo
    Ann Hansen
    Celeste Herbert
    Robert & Margaret Hill
    Leigh Hornsby
    Wynett Isley
    Jeff & Ronna-Renee Jackson
    Randy Jenkins
    Jennifer & Joe Knight

  • Maribel Koella
    Elizabeth Kramer
    Cammy Kromer
    Sharon Law
    Phillip Lawson
    Becky Lunsford
    Rosa Mar
    Sybil McLain-Topel
    Sandy & David Martin
    Paula Masters
    Tracy Matthews
    Cindee McBride
    Ginny Morrow
    Cayce Smith Petko
    Dr. Avice Reid
    Karen Rowell
    Lottie & Eric Ryans
    Bobbie Scull
    Elizabeth Smith
    Lisa Skinner
    John & Wanda Sobieski
    Melissa Steagall-Jones
    Annette Stoker
    Elizabeth Stowers
    Ann Swartz
    Mike Thomas
    Jeffrey Wall
    Ann Wallace