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Girl Scouts Gives Girls Hope

Girl Scouts Outreach Program

According to the National Census Bureau, about 14 percent of families and 18 percent of individuals within our service areas live below the poverty line, ranking this region at 39th in the country.

We want to help change those numbers and bring not only help but hope to girls and their communities in need. In a recent survey conducted by Gallup of more than 1,200 public school district superintendents across the nation, 83 percent said hope was “very important” when asked about measuring the effectiveness of producing successful graduates.

Through Girl Scouts, girls gain skills, learn to take risks, are supported in going after their dreams, are given leadership roles, and so much more. All these aspects offer hope for a better future, not only for themselves, but also for their families and communities.

GSCSA recognizes that not every girl in our area is able to access Girl Scouts because of limitations due to family finances, transportation, and finding volunteers to lead troops in specific areas. That’s where the GSCSA Outreach program comes in to ensure girls can join Girl Scouts and gain the skills and hope that is so necessary to success.

Our outreach program is staff-led in community centers and schools from Southwest Virginia through all of Eastern Tennessee and on into Northwest Georgia. The program is designed to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) directly to the girl in her community.