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Camp Wildwood: New Cabins Ready for Happy Campers

Camp Wildwood Cabins

Camp Wildwood, located next door to the Johnson City Service Center, is gearing up for a new season of summer fun complete with new cabins! After wind and tree damage destroyed some of the existing canvas tents, the remaining platforms were then used as the foundations for enclosed, wooden cabins.

Each cabin sleeps four and features screened-in windows and a screen door. These cabins are sturdier than canvas tents and also easier to maintain.

Our Director of Programming says “We are so excited about our brand-new platform cabins. I love that we were able to be good stewards of our resources and use the existing platforms to create something in their place that will last longer. We can’t wait for troops and volunteers to check these out – they are going to love them!”

The new platform cabins can now be reserved through the online reservation tool on our website (look for “White Oak Platform Cabins”) found here.