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Calling All Girl Scout Alumnae: Johnson City

Gayle Hughes

Calling All Girl Scout Ambassadors’ Gayle Hughes (above) and Cindy Haskins will be celebrated at the north area event on January 29, 2020 from 5:30 to 7 pm at the Johnson City Girl Scout Service Center. Both women have experienced the impact of Girl Scouting on their lives and are excited for this adult-only event to meet old friends and make new ones, while celebrating what Girl Scouts are doing in the community today!

What is your occupation? Hobbies?

Gayle Hughes: I am a retired math teacher from Science Hill High School in Johnson City and am currently the Instructional Coach at SHHS. I work with curriculum, new teachers, and data. My hobbies are snow skiing, sewing, biking, reading.

Cindy Haskins: I am a retired training specialist and enjoy reading and gardening.

How old were you when you became a Girl Scout?

GH: I became a Girl Scout at age 8.

CH: I became a Brownie at age 7 and remained active until I graduated from high school.

Favorite Girl Scout memory?

GH: Going to Camp Tanasi for two weeks in the summer, while riding horses and canoeing.

CH: My favorite Girl Scout memories would be anything connected with Camp Sky-Wa-Mo.

Favorite badge earned?

GH: Sewing— because I am still using what I learned.

CH: My favorite badge earned was the curved bar.

What did you learn about yourself through Girl Scouts?

GH: What I learned about myself is that I am persistent and work to reach my goals.

CH: I learned that I had leadership abilities and enjoyed nature.

What do you think is the most important/valuable thing about Girl Scouts?

GH: To set goals and work to reach those goals.

CH: The most important thing about Girl Scouting is learning how girls can make a difference in our world.

What are you most excited about for the Calling All Girl Scout events?

GH: It will be nice to connect and reconnect with Girl Scouts over the years.

CH: Alumnae can learn about today’s program and be motivated to support or participate in it.

Favorite Girl Scout Cookie or Fall Product item?

GH: Spicy Nut Mix

CH: Thin Mint