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5 Reasons Why Your Girl Should Join Girl Scouts

When hearing the words, “Girl Scout,” the first thing that probably comes to mind is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie that you can’t wait to buy every spring. The girls who sell you those cookies each year are doing so much more than delivering your favorite snack. They’re part of an organization that provides resources and hands-on lessons year-round while encouraging friendships and self-improvement.

Looking to learn more about what Girl Scouts can do for your girl? Here’s five reasons why your girl should become a Girl Scout today:

1. Girl Scouts Helps Build the Three C’s
Courage, confidence, and character are the three characteristics that Girl Scouts aims to build. Through empowerment and interactive teaching, girls learn a wide range of skills and gain new perspectives on life. With diverse knowledge and experience in many different academic, athletic, and creative fields, girls become outgoing leaders who are ready to leave an impact on the world.  

2. Experience New Things, Explore New Places
As a Girl Scout, your girl will have the opportunity to travel throughout your area with lifelong friends. Girl Scouts partners with local organizations and our council’s surrounding communities to present girls with opportunity to learn more about their environment in an authentic way. Planting trees, collecting donations, and hiking through parks shows girls how to be physically and comfortably involved with their surroundings. It’s very likely that you’re closer to a Girl Scout member in your neighborhood than you think!

3. The Alum Difference
Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout. Studies done by the Girl Scout Research Institute show that women who were Girl Scouts at some point in their lives tend to be more outspoken and involved in their community, achieve higher educational levels and job positions, and have a better sense of satisfaction with life in all aspects. Girl Scouts teaches girls at a young age all the attributes of being a leader: authenticity, responsibility, critical thinking, and creativity. Not only do these qualities remain with girls as they grow, but they assist them in positive development so that they will be able to work through their difficulties in a conclusive manner.

4. Creating Strong, Long-lasting Connections
Girl Scouting creates an environment that encourages girls to develop close-knit bonds with each other. The troop system connects girls who may be different ages, attend different schools, live in different neighborhoods, or have different hobbies under one roof where they can get to know others and learn more about themselves, too. Teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation with close friends allows girls to grow with one another while boosting each other up. In these situations, your girl learns how to inspire others through being inspired by others.

5. Helping the Community and Learning Responsibility
Girl Scout troops across the United States are intertwined with their perspective communities. Girl Scouts makes sure to teach girls the importance of being an involved member of society, locally and on a larger scale. Through earning badges and training for awards such as the Gold Award, girls learn how to work through tasks on their own, and their hard work never goes unappreciated.

Girl Scouts is an organization that aims to empower girls in the most hands-on way possible. From Kindergarten to 12th grade, girls have the resources to explore the world with open minds and find joy in learning something new every day. Applying knowledge with kindness and grace becomes second nature for Girl Scout Alums, and Alums are significantly more satisfied with their lives. Building strong, confident, courageous young women is what Girl Scouts is all about! If you’re interested in signing your girl up today, register online or text “JOIN” to 59618.