• News in a Minute: Cookie Sale Ends March 29

    19 Mar 2015

    Girl Scouts are working hard to sell cookies. Not only are they learning skills, they're earning big rewards like an invitation to gigantic parties and cookie dough to help pay for summer camp!

  • How to get last-minute cookie sales!

    17 Mar 2015

    Take ten minutes to set up your Digital Cookie account and make tons of sales. Customers can place orders for shipment through March 29.

  • Thin Mint Update to Parents

    16 Mar 2015

    Due to winter storms and higher than expected demand, Little Brownie Bakers is unable to fully supply Thin Mints to councils across the country. Fortunately, all of our council’s preorders have been filled, and many troops ordered enough Thin Mints in advance to meet their booth needs. However, extra boxes of Thin Mints are no longer available for booth sales. Little Brownie Bakers apologizes for the shortage.

    The great news—Thin Mints and are still available through Digital Cookie online sales. Your girl(s) still has tons of time to make tons of sales. Not signed up yet? Here’s how! Send us your info with this form to get started. The registration process takes only about 10 minutes. At this point, all cookies bought through Digital Cookie must be shipped directly to customers; the option for girl delivery has expired.

    Let Thin Mints share the love! Many other yummy kinds of cookies make up the Girl Scout Cookie sale. Rah-Rah Raisins are pretty tasty. So are Trefoils. Girls can pitch the different varieties and see if we can create a new cookie favorite.

    This could also be the year...

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  • Tanasi’s “Top Three”

    03 Mar 2015

    There’s something for every girl at Camp Tanasi, but three adventures are the most popular. Camp Director Oreon Millard leads has a tour.  

  • Customers celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

    27 Feb 2015

    National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, which has become a national holiday for Girl Scout Cookie fans is Friday, February 27 through March 1. The 2015 Cookie Weekend will mark the 98th year of Girl Scouts selling cookies and learning the important skills for life: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

    Local Girl Scouts sell an average 200 boxes per girl. One hundred percent of the revenue after expenses are paid stays within the local council. Girls earn $1 million directly for their troop treasuries. The council uses additional proceeds to support girls and volunteers.

    Consumers who celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend are encouraged to ask girls how they give back to their communities with cookie earnings, and what they learn by selling cookies. Those who want to share via social media the fun they're having on Cookie Weekend are asked to use the hashtag #cookieboss and tag @girlscouts. We encouraged girls and volunteers to send us photos of what they are doing this weekend. We'll retweet, share, and post to keep the excitement going! 

    Look for special Cookie Weekend coverage on the following radio stations:
    Star 102.1 - Knoxville
    Hot 104.5 - Knoxville
    Hits 96 - Chattanooga
    Sunny 92.3 - Chattanooga
    Electric 94.9 - Tri-Cities

    Also look for cookie billboards up all across the region!


  • Girl Scout cookies arrive!

    26 Feb 2015

    Girl Scout cookies are here—and so is a holiday for cookie lovers. More than 1.3 million boxes of cookies have arrived in the local Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians area. Girls are starting to deliver the cookies, and booth sales in front of local businesses are February 28 – March 22.

    “It’s easy for people who don’t know Girl Scouts to buy cookies,” says Heather Hatmaker, the council’s director of revenue. “Just go to GirlScoutCookies.org, enter your zip code, and you’ll see all the cookie both locations and times in your neighborhood.”

    A mobile cookie app is also available which lets smart phone users instantly find nearby cookie booths.

    In addition to classics like Thin Mints and Samoas, girls are selling a new hearty oatmeal cookie called “Rah-Rah Raisin.”

    Customers may also purchase boxes of cookies to be delivered directly members of the U.S. Military through Operation: APPRECIATION.

    Local Girl Scouts sell an average 200 boxes per girl. One hundred percent of the revenue after expenses are paid stays within the local council. Girls earn $1 million directly for their troop treasuries. The council uses additional proceeds to support girls and volunteers.

    The Girl Scout Cookie Program runs through March 29. 

  • Experts Prompt Girls to Get Outdoors

    13 Feb 2015

    Ditch the electronics and spend your time outdoors. It’s good for you—and science proves it. Camp Director Oreon Millard shows us why. 

  • Summer Camp 101

    06 Feb 2015

    From the time girls opens their eyes in the morning until closing them at night-- girls rule at Camp Tanasi. Camp Director Oreon Millard takes you inside their special world. 

  • CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA to Visit GSCSA

    29 Jan 2015

    Knoxville, TN (January 26, 2015): The Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians (GSCSA) will welcome the head of its national organization to East Tennessee. Anna Maria Chávez, Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of the USA, is coming to inspire and be inspired by local Girl Scouts.

    The national organization has 2.8 million members, but Chávez is setting aside January 30 to focus on East Tennessee girls.

    Girls need the skills, confidence, and friendships that Girl Scouts helps them develop so that they can thrive in a world that’s more dynamic, fast paced, and challenging than ever. Chavez’s visit is about the future of girls; it’s about stimulating their imaginations and empowering them to fulfill their highest aspirations; and it’s about following where they lead, as we prepare a new generation of girls to change the world.

    Chavez will meet with leading business and civic leaders, tour the facilities at the Oak Ridge National Laboratories with Girl Scouts, and spend an afternoon talking with local Girl Scouts, many of whom have earned the organization’s highest national honor, the Gold Award.

    The visit also honors GSCSA for piloting new technology and systems to better serve members in today’s fast-paced environment. 

  • New for Summer Camp

    27 Jan 2015

    Want to sleep under the stars in outdoor sleeping hammocks? It’s just one of many new adventures for summer camp 2015. Camp Director Oreon Millard unveils what else is new. 

  • It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

    13 Jan 2015

    Knoxville, TN (January 12, 2015): Thin Mints, Samoas, and all your favorite Girl Scout cookies are back—along with two new varieties. Rah-Rah Raisins is a hearty new oatmeal cookie with plump raisins and Greek yogurt-flavored chunks. Gluten--free Toffee-tastic cookies are buttery treats packed with golden toffee bits. A limited supply of Toffee-tastic cookies will be available only at select cookie booths while supplies last.

    Also new this year: online cookie sales. Girls have the option to build their own “My Digital Cookie” websites that are personalized—but protected. Parents must approve the websites, and girls send e-mail links only to people they know.

    Beyond customer convenience, girls will earn badges as they get hands-on experience with online marketing, website customization, and e-commerce to learn important 21st Century skills.

    Girl Scouts begin taking orders in person and online January 16. Online orders will be filled immediately, and customers who place traditional paper orders will begin receiving their cookies in mid-February. Everyone can purchase cookies at cookie booths February 28 – March 22.

    Girls have spent months preparing for the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

    “At my meeting yesterday, I played a game with pretend boxes of cookies,” says five-year-old Girl Scout Rebecca Osucha, who’s excited about her first cookie sale. “We practiced having a cookie booth and using our manners.”


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  • The Girl Scout Cookie Program Has Gone Digital!

    01 Dec 2014

    Yes, the Girl Scout Cookie Program you know and love is going beyond the booth and offering more ways to buy cookies and support girls’ learning than ever before. 

    And the best part is that Digital Cookie helps take the essential skills girls learn through the traditional cookie program to a whole new level – introducing critical lessons about online marketing and e-commerce to more than one million excited Girl scouts, in real-time. 

    So how does it work? In true girl-led style, a Girl Scout always handles the cookie sale. 

    So if you know a Girl Scout, tell her you’re interested in becoming a Digital Cookie customer. Oh, and credit cards are more than welcome.

    Don’t know a Girl Scout?  That’s OK! You can still support girls and all of the amazing things they learn and do by buying cookies at your local cookie booth. Find cookies now.

  • Join the Council Food Drive and Get a Free Patch

    24 Nov 2014

    Girls, here’s a great opportunity to help others! Just bring three nonperishable food items to your local council shop in Johnson City, Chattanooga, or Knoxville to get a FREE food drive patch. Drop donations off during regular business hours November 24 through December 17. The council will divide donations between various food banks within the region.

    If your troop will be making one giant donation, please let the council know ahead of time. We want to be sure to have enough patches for everybody!

    Patches may be purchased for $1.50 if the three item requirement is not met. 

  • New Schedule for Shops and Customer Care Team

    26 Sep 2014

    We know you're super busy and getting to a service center when it's open can be a challenge. Because we are dedicated to supporting you any way we can – so you can keep supporting the girls – the council shops and Customer Care Team, formerly known as Support and Information Specialists, are moving to a new schedule effective October 1, 2014.  

    Shops and Customer Care Desks
    • New hours of 10am - 6pm
    • Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday*
    • Closed on Wednesdays
    • Shops open the first Saturday of every month from 10am - 2pm

     *except for holidays or other scheduled closings 

    Other Important Updates
    • Customer Care Team available via phone Monday through Friday, 10am - 6pm
    • Mail slots available for after-hours drop offs

    Need to speak with a staff member in person?
    We are happy to schedule a time to meet with you! Working with us to set up an appointment will ensure that we are available, have the answers you need, and use your time most efficiently and effectively.  

    Better hours, better availability
    These changes to our Shop and Customer Care Team hours are based on feedback we have received, and we hope that they will make us more accessible to our volunteers and families. You can always leave us a message by calling 1.800.474.1912 or email us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


  • It’s easy to renew girl, adult and troop memberships ONLINE! ...quickly and conveniently!

    24 Sep 2014

    Remember, we’re one of the first Girl Scout councils in the whole country implementing this new online community. Thank you for being patient as we’re doing so. New functionality and features are being added all the time! If you do experience problems as you go through the processes below…PLEASE TELL US. Take a screenshot if you can when you run into a problem, and email it to us with a brief description at info@girlscoutcsa.org. You’ll be helping us make improvements for everyone.

    Renew online NOW! Yes, right now. (Cool, right?)

    Renewal process for individual Girl Scouts and ALL adults

    This includes:
    • any family wishing to re-register girls on their own (as opposed to the troop renewal process)
    •  ALL adults wishing to re-register

    Click here for a step-by-step guide on this online process.

    Please email info@girlscoutcsa.org with any questions.

    Troop renewal process

    Online troop re-registration is now LIVE, has been tested by some of our volunteers, and IS working! This is the process that allows troop leaders, troop administrators, and girl program mentors to log into our new community portal, select “all” or a certain combination of the troop’s members, and by clicking a single butto...

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  • "I love my job!"

    09 Sep 2014

    She competed at a world level, now this accomplished equestrian is on a mission to introduce girls to the joy of riding at Camp Adahi. Aimee Canterbury is our horseback program coordinator. 

    Watch her in action!

  • Call for New Girl Scout Members and Volunteers to Join in the Fun

    20 Aug 2014

    The Girl Scout Council of Southern Appalachians (GSCSA) is making its fall push for girls and adult volunteers to join Girl Scouts, the country’s preeminent leadership development organization for girls.

    With families already thinking about how to allocate their free time during the coming school year, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) has released new data showing the organization’s benefits for both girls and volunteers.

    Results of a summer 2014 pulse poll conducted with over 3,500 volunteers and parents of Girl Scouts in the K−5 age range show positive effects on members of all ages:

    • 97 percent of parents agree that Girl Scouts has been a positive activity for their daughter, that she has had fun and exciting new experiences (95 percent), and that she has learned or tried something new (96 percent)
    •  94 percent of parents say that because of Girl Scouts their daughter feels special, has more friends (95 percent), and is happier (89 percent)

    The data shows it is not just girls who benefit:

    • 94 percent of volunteers have made new friends, 88 percent believe their life is better because they volunteer with Girl Scouts, and two-thirds believe their volunteer experience has helped them professionally.
    • 95 percent of Girl Scout volunteers are happy knowing they are making girls’ lives better.

    “Girl Scouts gives girls a safe place to explore topics of interest in a judgment-free space,” said B...

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  • Japanese Girl Scout Delegation visits East Tennessee

    06 Aug 2014

    Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians and our Oak Ridge service unit were honored to host a delegation of Japanese Girl Scouts recently. The trip was eight years in the making, with the goal to develop a deeper understanding, in both Japanese and American girls, of the cultural differences and basic similarities of all people. The girls lived together as one big international family for a week, from July 28 through August 3. The 12 Japanese girls and chaperones are from Naka, Japan, Oak Ridge’s sister city. Naka was devastated by the 2011 nuclear disaster and is still recovering. Girls from Naka last visited Oak Ridge in 2006, and this latest trip is possible because of fundraisers in both nations. Japanese Girl Scouts applied to earn their place on the trip hosted by the Oak Ridge Girl Scout service unit in cooperation with the Oak Ridge Sister City Support Organization. Highlights of the trip included visits to iconic Oak Ridge sites, an elaborate and beautiful formal tea ceremony, a service project at Oak Ridge Library and a day spent at Camp Tanasi.

  • GSCSA Awards Inaugural Travel Grants

    19 May 2014

    The Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians has awarded its inaugural round of travel grants.

    Caitlyn Free, Whitwell, Tennessee
    Alethea Free, Whitwell, Tennessee
    Lizzie Scroggins, Dayton, Tennessee
    Madison Bishop, Spring City, Tennessee
    Amber Stanton, Spring City, Tennessee
    Rachel Eldridge, Rogersville, Tennessee

    Caitlyn, Alethea, and Rachel are going the 2015 council trip to Europe. Lizza, Madison, and Amber are going on the council’s July SCUBA trip.

    GSCSA awards semi-annual travel grants of up to $500 to individual Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors for council-sponsored travel or GSUSA destinations.

    The next round of travel grant applications are due November 15, 2014, with awards to be made in December. The second round of applications are due March 15, 2015, with awards made in April.

    Recipients agree to the following: • An essay about the trip, experiences and lessons learned to be used a as part of a thank you to the funders for this grant. • Attendance at one grant committee meetings to select next recipients ; can be electronic if needed. • As part of the committee, make three post-trip presentations about trip/destination. (Dates/locations will be determined by committee and recipient; these could include United Way, troops, service units, etc.) • Participa...

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  • Volunteer Award Winners 2014

    16 May 2014

    Each spring, the council honors outstanding volunteers. These volunteers are nominated by others and approved by the council. These will be presented throughout May. Here are the winners to date. (Check this page for updates.)

    See photos on our facebook page.

    Volunteer of Excellence
    The Volunteer of Excellence award recognizes those volunteers who have contributed outstanding service while partnering directly with girls in any pathway to implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through use of the national program portfolio or who have contributed outstanding service in support of GSCSA’s mission delivery to girl and adult members. Honorees:

    Lisa Hendrickson
    Service Unit 210

    April Kennedy
    Service Unit 270

    Meg Rice
    Service Unit 630

    Dallas Ratliff
    Service Unit 630

    Elizabeth Blakely
    Service Unit 630

    Jenny Southernland
    Service Unit 630

    Stacy Jack
    Service Unit 605

    Tori Duncan
    Service Unit 608

    Rhonda Morales
    Service Unit230

    Aleshia Wensell
    Service Unit 206

    Kristen Tobler
    Service Unit 206

    Angela (Anjie) McEahern
    Service Unit 206

    Angela Long
    Service Unit 630


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  • You’re invited to the 2014 Girl Scout Convention!

    16 May 2014

    Join fellow Girl Scouts of all ages at our 2014 Girl Scout Convention in spectacular Salt Lake City, Utah! This exhilarating event is October 16–19 and, for the first time ever, you can register directly for the convention!

    Visiting girls and adults will observe the proceedings at the National Council Session, have fun in the Hall of Experiences, and participate at the Learning Pauses and Conversation Cafés. There’s plenty at convention to engage and enlighten everyone.

    All members and alumnae are welcome to attend the convention, even if you aren’t part of the council’s official delegation.

    And we have great news: if you register now, you’ll guarantee your spot and save $70 on the four-day alumna package.

    Register as an Alumnae!

    The alumna package gives you access to lively conversations, inspiring speakers, and all of the great things that the Hall of Experiences will showcase, especially the Alumnae Welcome area where you can meet up with old and new friends while you relax and have some fun. We’ll be hosting special meetings of the Green Hats, Trefoil Guilds, and RoundUppers here as well!


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