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Fall Product Program

Fall Product in a Nutshell

  • Girl Scouts ask friends and family (either online or in person) to purchase candy, nuts, and discounted magazine subscriptions.
  • Girls learn five life skills: goal setting, money management, decision making, business ethics, and people skills.
  • Troops earn start-up money for their programs and activities.
  • Council programming is funded.

Girls, troops, and the council all benefit from offering great products to family and friends.

Dates for Fall Sale 2016

Friday, September 30–Sunday, October 30

Aug 18 Online Volunteer Training LIVE
Sept 30 Fall Sale Starts & M2 Launch Date
Oct 16 Order Cards & M2 Girl Delivery Order Taking Ends
Oct 30 M2 (Direct Ship) Program Ends
Nov 1–15 Hamblen County Sale 
Nov 14–18 Product Delivery
Nov 21–25 Reward Delivery 



Volunteer Quick Start Guide
Don’t miss out on the Fall Product Program! Get started in 6 easy steps. Find out how. 
Volunteer Guide PDF
Girl’s Guide to Fall Product Program PDF

Webinar Modules

New this year, the Product Team will be uploading recorded webinars for you to watch at your convenience. These modules are intended as a resource for volunteers. These modules will update you on the latest information about the sale, talk about any changes and remind you of any upcoming deadlines or “to do”s for that week.

There is even a module for parents and girls to watch to get them excited and show them how to use the M2 Online Program.

These modules can be viewed one at a time or all at once!

M2 Online Program

M2 Parent Flyer Hamblen County PDF
M2 Parent Flyer PDF

It's so easy to sell nuts, candy and magazines online with the M2 Online Program! In a few steps, you'll be launching a sales campaign with an avatar (your Me2) created just for you!

100 Years of Selling!


2017 marks the 100th anniversary of girls selling Girl Scout Cookies and the celebration is kicking-off early with the Fall Product Program. Girls will have the opportunity to earn a special 100 Years of Selling avatar patch by participating in both the 2016 Fall Product Program and the 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Earning this patch happens in two parts. First, girls must participate in the 2016 Fall Product Program, create a digital avatar, and send 12 or more emails letting customers know about the sale. Second, girls must participate in the 2017 Cookie Program and sell 300 or more boxes of cookies. That's it!

Once the patch is earned, girls will receive their anniversary edition avatar patch, which will be directly mailed to them.