all about cookies

Everyone knows about Thin Mints, but many people don’t know the value behind the cookie. The Girl Scout Cookie Program helps girls develop important skills in goal setting, money management and teamwork.

When you buy Girl Scout cookies, you do more than take home a sweet treat. Your purchase supports a program that has been teaching girls to become confident, successful businesswomen since 1917.

Girl Scouts and cookies share a rich history. While recipes and box designs have changed, selling cookies remains an important part of today’s Girl Scout program.

Why Girl Scout Cookies?

The activity of selling cookies is directly related to our purpose of helping all girls realize their full potential and become strong, confident, and resourceful citizens.

  • Girl Scouts practice life skills like goal setting, money management, and teamwork—and they have fun!
  • Customers get a great product and get to support girls in their own community.
  • All of the proceeds support Girl Scouting locally.

Learning Life Skills

Girls practice useful life skills like planning, decision-making, and customer service. During cookie activities, girls are members of a team working towards a common goal, with each girl striving to do her best.

Every troop/group is encouraged to set goals, such as planning field trips and community service projects, to accomplish during the year. The money earned from cookie activities helps the troop/group achieve its goals.

So when your local Girl Scouts come calling with this year’s best-selling cookies, remember you’re saying hello to tomorrow’s business leaders.

Making It Count

All of the proceeds from cookie sales stay with the Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians. This revenue is used to benefit girls, some of it directly by remaining in the Girl Scout troop/group treasury and some of it through council programs such as:

  • Recruiting and training volunteer leaders for every troop across 46 counties.
  • Providing financial assistance to make Girl Scouting available for all girls.
  • Improving and maintaining camp sites.
  • Keeping event/camp fees for all members to a minimum and providing camp scholarships.
  • Sponsoring special community events and service projects.