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Girl Scouts

Troop Management

  • Parent Permission must be given to participate in trips, camping, and events outside of the regular troop meeting. Parent permission must also be given any time an activity may include information on sensitive issues.
  • Health Histories must be kept with troop volunteers during troop meetings and other activities. Health Histories should be completed by parents for their daughters. Volunteers should also complete a health history for themselves. Health Histories are necessary in emergencies and also let volunteers know about allergies and other conditions of which to be aware.
  • The Activity Summary may be used to track which girls have completed each activity or step toward earning Journey awards, badges, or other insignia.
  • The Troop Attendance record may be used to track attendance at troop meetings and activities.
  • The Troop Dues record may be used to track troop dues paid to the troop.
  • The first page of the Parent Involvement Survey is helpful in determining activities that parents in the troop are willing to lead. The second page of the survey allows the parent to lets leaders know more about their daughters’ interests.
  • Any troop, group, or service unit that begins a group website or social media page should submit the Group Website Application for approval.
  • If your troop has participated in the fall product and cookie programs and plans to complete an additional money earning project, the Application for Money Earning Project must be submitted and approved prior to beginning the project.
  • The Troop Sponsorship Agreement is an agreement between a troop and any organization that chooses to sponsor them. The maximum allowable sponsorship to a troop is $250.
  • The Trip Driver Log and Emergency Roster are helpful for keeping troop plans and contact information organized when participating in an activity or trip.

Banking and Tax Exemption

  • Updated! The Banking Policy and Authorization must be used to open and maintain a troop or group bank account. The banking authorization form must be returned to the council immediately upon opening a troop/group bank account.
  • Updated! The Troop Financial Record must be turned in to your local council office by June 15th each year, along with the latest bank statement. Please retain all records for a period of no less than 3 years.
    Excel version of Troop Financial Record
  • Completion of the TN Tax Exemption application will register your troop as an organization for sales tax exemption.
  • The GSCSA Charter is required as part of the application for tax exemption.

Camping, Trips and Events

Insurance and Emergencies