Girl Scout Cookie Program

Girl Scouts are currently taking orders for cookies. Cookies are $4.00 per box.
Don’t know a Girl Scout? Call us at 1-800-474-1912. 

Cookie Booths start February 28.
Look for us at retailers and at other locations in your community.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions and general information about cookies!

Everyone knows how tasty Girl Scout Cookies are, but a lot of people who buy them don’t realize what a Girl Scout learns from selling them.

There’s more to Girl Scout Cookies than what’s in the box.

All registered Girl Scouts whose parents or guardians give permission are eligible to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Girls will be working hard and, with the support of families and customers, we know the program will be another success!

A closer look at cookie sale proceeds, and where the money went in 2013


In 2014, the council has set a goal to donate 20,000 boxes of cookies to our U.S. armed services as sweet appreciation for their service and sacrifice to our country. We hope everyone will help us achieve this goal by purchasing additional boxes of cookies as part of their orders.

Gift of Caring projects

Additionally, individual girls and troops may select a worthy organization in their own communities and donate boxes of cookies to this cause. Make sure to ask troops which one they’re supporting!

Cookie Recipes

Explore new ways to enjoy Girl Scout cookies.